Peptide Synthesis

Over the past 20 years, we've become experts in peptide synthesis, producing millions of custom peptides. Our patented technologies in the field of peptide libraries, peptide pools, and microarrays, as well as micro-scale synthesis, demonstrate our unique and broad capabilities.

Custom Peptide Synthesis for Any Application

Our custom peptide synthesis capabilities for tens of thousands of custom peptides per month offer ultra-high throughput micro-scale options (10-150 nmol) as well as mid-scale options (1mg -1g) with the ability to add various modifications, labels, dyes and more and large-scale peptide synthesis for more than 1g. You can also take advantage of our aliquotting, pooling, solubility and stability testing, and other optional analytical services for your custom peptides!

Benefits of JPT's Custom Peptide Synthesis

  • ISO 9001 certified and audited annually 
  • Manufacturing exclusively in Berlin, Germany 
  • US and Berlin offices for support 
  • Scientific support staff trained in peptide applications 
  • 20 years of peptide experience - we are the Peptide Experts!
  • Highest environmental, health and ethical standards 
  • JPT has been a BioNTech company since 2009 

Variety of Custom Peptide Synthesis Services

Optional Quantification
Quality Grade
Micro Scale Peptide Synthesis10 -50µgcrude, crude with guaranteemodified aa, biotin, phosphorylation, stable-isotope labeled ...tubes, pools, microtiter plates, microarrays, cellulose, ELISAODresearch useFrom only 15€/ US$19.50 per peptide! >50000 peptides/month
Mid Scale Synthesis
1mg -1gcrude to >98%modified aa, biotin, phosphorylation, stable-isotope labeled, AQUA, cyclization…
tubes, pools, tube racks, ELISAQA tag, AAAresearch use, immunomonitoring, cell therapy development, clinical trial immune monitoringPremium quality   >5000 peptides/month
Large Scale Synthesis>1gcrude to >95%modified aa, biotin, phosphorylation, stable-isotope labeled, cyclization, lipids, TFA removal…tubes, poolsQ tag, AAAresearch use, immunomonitoring, cell therapy development, clinical trial immune monitoringEndless range of modifications

Custom Peptide Synthesis

If you need a high quality peptide synthesis service using regulated processes, choose JPT! We have developed our know-how over 20 years and our peptide synthesis service has an extraordinary success rate of over 99%. We go the extra mile to customize a peptide specification that fits your application best!

Peptide Modifications

We produce high quality specialty peptides such as long and stapled peptides, dyes, labeled and biotinylated peptides, PTMs, unique building blocks, conjugation, cyclization and more. Our highly skilled and committed scientific staff chooses the appropriate methods and techniques or every peptide project. 

Clinical Peptides & Pools

We added critical quality measures to the standard RuO production for our clinical peptides. The resulting ISO PLUS and Clinical Grade Peptides have been approved for a variety of clinical applications such as development of cell and immunotherapy, immune monitoring, clinical proteomics as well as vaccine development.

PepTrack Peptide Libraries

Our custom peptide libraries are optimized for cellular assays such as T-cell assays and immune monitoring to avoid false positive or toxic inhibition.  We offer our tailored peptide libraries with flexible specifications regarding peptide purity, amount, QC, delivery format and modifications. 

PepMix Peptide Pools

PepMix™ Peptide Pools are extremely efficient for antigen-specific T-cell stimulation in T cell assays (e.g. in ELISpot, cytokine staining, cell-mediated cytotoxicity or proliferation assays). The show many benefits over using full length proteins or other stimulants.

PepStar Peptide Microarrays

Our unique PepStar™ peptide microarray technologies provides 1000s of identical microarrays from one peptide synthesis. Directed chemoselective binding to the chip surface ensures availablity of epitopes and binding motifs which is a major advantage over protein micorarrays.

SpikeTides & SpikeMix

JPT is the provider of low-cost stable-isotope-labeled peptides and absolut quantified peptides for protein quantification by mass spectrometry-based assays. In addition we offer modifications such as PTMs & cysteine carbamidomethylation and pooling and ready-made controls and standards for proteomcis assays.

Peptide ELISA

Peptide ELISA enables analysis on amino acid sequence level, which is important for epitope mapping or definition of protein interaction sites. We offer various different specifications. Make use of high batch-to-batch reproducibility, low-cost, standard ELISA protocols and equipment and high sensitivity.


BioTides Biotinylated Peptides are designed for immobilization onto streptavidin coated beads, membranes, glass slides or microtiter plates (e.g. Peptide ELISA). BioTides are synthesized via SPOT synthesis providing fast access to large numbers of biotin peptides at unmatched pricing.

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