Peptide Tools to Study Influenza Virus

About the Influenza Virus

Influenza viruses belong to the orthomyxoviridae family. These are enveloped viruses with a segmented, negative-sense, single- stranded RNA genome. Only orthomyxoviridae Influenza type A and B cause disease in humans. Their main antigenic determinants are the two transmembrane proteins hemagglutinin (‘H’ or ‘HA’) and neuraminidase (‘N’ or ‘NA’).
The combinations of specific variants of the H (H1-H18) and N (N1-N11) proteins are used to classify Influenza A viruses into subtypes. The standard WHO nomenclature for a given human influenza virus comprises the genus (‘A’), the geographical site where they were first identified (e.g. Hong Kong), a serial number and the identification year (e.g. 1/1968), and finally the H and N variants.

JPT offers a range of highly relevant Influenza virus-specific antigen peptides, PepMix™ peptide pools and PepStar™ peptide microarrays.

JPT's Peptide Tools to Study Influenza

Cellular Immune Response

PepMix Peptide Pool applications include
  • Antigen specific stimulation of T-cells
  • Immune monitoring of high-risk patients
  • Identification of immunodominant antigens
  • Validating clinical T-cell assays

The following Influenza A PepMix™ Peptide Pools are available
  • H1N1 (Brisbane): HA
  • H1N1 (California): HA, Membrane protein 1 &2, NA
  • H1N1 (Puerto Rico): HA
  • H2N2 (AnnArbor): Membrane protein 1 &2, Nucleocapsid protein
  • H3N2 (HongKong) : HA, MP1, Nucleocapsid protein
  • H5N1 (Indonesia): HA
  • H5N1 (Turkey): NA
  • H10N8 (Jiangxi): HA

Among others, our positive 
control pools also contain Influenza A antigens (CEF, CEFT, EF).

PepMix Ultra Pools

  • T-cell assays
  • High-throughput T-cell epitope discovery
  • Monitoring of cellular immune response

JPT also offers custom-designed PepMix™ Peptide Pools for your specific needs!

Humoral Immune Response

PepStar™ Peptide Microarray applications include
  • Immune monitoring of humoral responses
  • Profiling of Influenza-specific samples or antibodies
  • Detection of epitopes and epitope spreading

The following Influenza A PepStar™ Peptide Microarrays are available
  • H1N1 (Brisbane): HA
  • H1N1 (California): HA, NA, membrane protein 1 &2,
  • H3N2: Membrane protein 1, nucleocapsid protein
  • Antigen Collection Influenza A Ultra

You define content and layout, we provide economic and fast production in our regulated clean-room environment.
Ship your samples and obtain high-quality results analysed by experts! We also offer a complete assay and analysis service for your samples using your own, custom-designed peptide microarray.

Clinical Peptides

JPT’s clinical peptide product lines, ‘Clinical Grade’ and ‘ISO Plus’, are produced in a tightly regulated production environment according to an enhanced ISO 9001:2015 quality management system for the stringent product requirements of immunotherapy, vaccine, and drug development. Our products have been approved for clinical use with respect to specific immunotherapeutic applications. 



2021 - 2022

2021 - 2022

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  • A Single-Cycle Influenza A Virus-Based SARS-CoV-2 Vaccine Elicits Potent Immune Responses in a Mouse Model
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  • Latent CMV Infection Is Associated With Lower Influenza Virus-Specific Memory T-Cell Frequencies, but Not With an Impaired T-Cell Response to Acute Influenza Virus Infection
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  • Polyfunctional pathogen-specific CD4+ T cells reside in the lungs and tumors of NSCLC patients
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  • A single intranasal dose of human parainfluenza virus type 3-vectored vaccine induces effective antibody and memory T cell response in the lungs and protects hamsters against SARS-CoV-2
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Application Notes

Application Notes


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