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Proteomics Libraries & Kits

JPT offers the most extensive variety of proteomics reference peptides both customized and off-the shelf.

Our portfolio includes SIL peptides and absolute quantified peptides, peptide kits for control and standardization as well as a huge library of validated human reference peptides for mass-spectrometry based proteomics. 

Absolute Quantified Peptides

Absolutely quantified and stable isotope labeled SpikeTides™_TQL peptides at low prices, quantified with our proprietrary QTag.

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SpikeTides™ Reference Peptides

Peptide Libraries of stable isotope labeled (SIL) or light peptides. We offer customized SpikeTides™ and off-the-shelf sets.

Proteomics Standards & Controls

Control kits for mass spectrometry-based proteomics assays such as our retention time kit (PROCAL)  and TrypCheck.

The Human Proteome Peptide Catalog

More than 400 000 validated reference peptides covering all human gene products developed within the ProteomeTools project.




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