Functional Proteomics

Many proteins are subject to modifications that are critical to protein functions. One very important modification is phosphorylation. In addition, proteins can also be ubiquitinylated, methylated, acetylated, glycosylated and more. Have a look at our corresponding enzyme profiling tools.

Enzyme Profiling Services

JPT provides extensive services to identify and characterize substrates for your
enzymes using our Enzyme Substrate Microarrays. Discuss your needs with our scientists and send us a sample of your enzyme. JPT will perform all experiments and will deliver a report including experimental details and statistical analysis of results yielding consensus sequence motifs.

PTMs Post-Translational Modifications

Post-translational modifications (PTMs) such as protein phosphorylation, protein methylation or protein acetylation play an important role in virtually all biological processes. JPT has extensive experience in peptide synthesis of a large variety of post-translationally modified peptides. Let us know what kind of modifications you need, JPT's experts will be happy to discuss your requirements.

Enzyme Substrates

Enzyme Substrate Identification with one of our enzyme substrate tools. Select from enzyme substrate arrays, microarrays and kits for proteases, sirtuins, acetyltransferases and more.
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