Proteomics Standards & Controls

JPT has been providing market-leading innovative peptide tools to the proteomics community for many years. Besides our SpikeTides and SpikeMix platforms for tailored large-scale studies, we developed a variety of standardization kits and controls that support QC of proteomics experiments, e.g.

  • CamCheck Kit: Monitor the efficiency of carbamidomethylation during proteomic sample preparation
  • Retention Time Standardization Kit (PROCAL): Normalize retention times in proteomics experiments and optimize HPLC gradients (Zolg et al, Proteomics, 2017; PMID: 28872757) 
  •  SpikeMix™ ABRF (cross-species standard): Use this pool of proteotypic peptides from conserved proteins as standard across human, mouse and rat
  • TrypCheck Kit: Fluorescence Estimate efficiency & reproducibility of tryptic sample preparation

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