Peptide Assays

JPT has established a variety of bioassays (see below). Feel free to contact us with your needs and we will be happy to suggest the optimal assay for your project. We also offer the establishment of further peptide based assays if required.

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Assays for studying Humoral Immunity

JPT offers several platforms for B-cell epitope discovery, antibody epitope mapping, humoral immune response profiling and validation of protein-protein interactions.

PepStar™ Peptide Microarrays
JPT provides PepStar™ peptide microarrays as very efficient tools for screening antigen specific antibody reactivity in biological samples, the discovery and characterization of epitopes or neo-epitopes, vaccine target identification, and many other scientific questions. Peptide microarrays can display overlapping peptide scans through antigens, or any other peptide libraries. You define the content and layout and we provide economic and fast production of customized PepStar™ peptide micorarrays in our regulated clean-room environment. Alternatively, you can choose one of our off-the-shelf peptide microarrays that display overlapping peptide scans through hundreds of antigenic proteins. In addition to array preparation, we provide incubation service including optimization of assay conditions, and deliver a full report for each study. If requested, we will also be happy to provide consultancy on the choice of the optimal peptide library. 

Benefits of JPT's Microarray Assay Services 
  • Well established incubation services & assay services for epitope discovery & mapping, seroscreening, protein-protein interactions and enzyme profiling
  • All sample handling and profiling in environment regulated by DIN ISO 9001:2015 and GCLP 
  • Strong bioinformatic support for array design and data interpretation 

PepSpots Peptide Arrays on Membrane 
PepSpots are membrane bound peptide arrays used for efficient and inexpensive antibody epitope mapping and protein-protein interaction studies. Peptides are synthesized by our proprietary SPOT technology directly on hydrophilic cellulose membranes, which minimize non-specific binding. The assay can be conducted using any conventional equipment used for Western Blotting.

Peptide ELISA 
We offer customized peptide-coated ELISA plates (enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay). ELISA is a well-established analytical and highly sensitive immunological assay for proteins but requires detailed experimental know-how for using peptides. Peptide ELISA is used for mapping of epitopes and definition of protein interaction sites or as validation assay to confirm results obtained with JPT’s peptide microarrays.

Modular assay service for antibody response profiling and biomarker discovery 
The modular assay service for antibody response profiling and biomarker discovery in patient samples analyzes humoral immune response in three steps. The three modules can be combined or utilized individually according to your requirements to avieve the project goal as efficiently as possible. 
  • High throughput antibody response profiling or biomarker screening, using thousands of custom peptides 
  • Verification of the peptide hits for hundreds of samples 
  • Validation of results by robust custom peptide ELISA  

Assays for studying Cellular Immunity

We offer T cell assays such as T cell and B cell ELISpot, ICS/flow cytometry and multimer staining as full service. Our dedicated S2 lab operates according to ISO 9001 regulations. Additionally, we can assist you with target selection, sequence analysis with bioinformatic assistance and with peptide library design. Our service includes peptide synthesis, peptide pooling, matrix pool design & plating and T cell assay execution. Please feel free to contact us with your project studying cellular immunity. 

Our comprehensive service ranges from the early project design to its final execution, including 
  • Assistance with target protein/subunit selection
  • Intelligent sequence analysis/bioinformatics 
  • Peptide library design including the coverage of known sequence variations 
  • Peptide synthesis, peptide pooling, matrix pool design & plating 
  • T cell assays 
  • Final report/data summary 

Benefits of T Cell Assay Services 
  • Reliable and robust workflows 
  • All in one service 
  • Stringent quality control 
  • Competitive pricing 
  • Freedom to focus your valuable resources elsewhere 
  • ISO 9001:2015 certified quality management system

Enzyme Profiling using Peptide Microarrays

JPT provides a highly comprehensive peptide microarray assay service for enzyme profiling. Send us an email along with a short description of the planned enzyme profiling experiment and we will provide you with a proposal. 

Typical workflow of our peptide microarray assay service: 
  1. Discuss your needs and the respective experiments in detail with our scientists 
  2. Send us your samples 
  3. JPT performs all incubations and control experiments 
  4. We deliver experimental details, fluorescence images or data from colorimetric read-out 
  5. We perform statistical analysis of results yielding e.g. consensus sequence motifs 

 Our Service is applicable for: 
  • Detection of enzymatic activities from biological and patient samples 
  • Identification of enzyme substrates 
  • Profiling of a variety of enzymes
  • Testing of antibody preparations 
  • Screening of entire proteomes for modification sites and more 
  • Pre-manufactured microarrays available, e.g for cost-efficient high-throughput profiling of acetyltransferases and deacetylases

Protein-Protein Interaction Assays

Peptide array service including protein labeling, array incubation and data evaluation on the basis of PepStar™ peptide microarrays. We offer a comprehensive epitope discovery service using your samples (antibodies, proteins) and identify specific hits including protein labeling, incubation, read-out & data evaluation. 

Delivery format: Summary of results including data table and visualization of results via heatmap and bar plots. 
Application(s): Binding experiments, Peptide microarray incubation, Cancer biomarker research, Humoral immune response, Immune monitoring, Seromarker discovery, Antibody epitope discovery Indication(s)/Topic(s): Cancer, Infection, Breast cancer, Cancer chemotherapy, Melanoma, AIDS, Transplantation, Dengue fever, Multiple sclerosis, Hepatitis, Infectious mononucleosis, West nile fever, Small Pox, Vaccination, Influenza and more. Feel free to contact us with your project requiring protein-protein interaction assays.

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