Assay Services

We offer our extensive know-how and experience in peptide microarray incubation & data evaluation as full-service packages for many applications. 

Additionally, we perform for you T cell assays such as flow cytometry, multimer staining, intracellular cytokine staining (ICS) and ELISpot.

All servcies are performed in our state-of-the-art labs in Germany by trained staff and scientists.

Enzyme Profiling Services

JPT provides a highly comprehensive Peptide Microarray Assay Service for enzyme profiling using our enzyme substrate arrays. Our offer includes detection of enzyme activity in biological and patient samples, identification of enzyme substrates or key residues, profiling of a variety of enzymes, testing of antibody preparations and screening for modification sites.

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T Cell Assay Services

We offer a complete T-cell assay portfolio for T cell vaccine target identification, deep T cell epitope discovery, neo-epitope qualification and T-cell epitope mapping, antigen discovery. Our service ranges from the early project design to its final execution and final reporting.

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Antibody Assay Services

Our services for antibody response profiling, biomarker discovery and serological test development is compatible with antibodies, sera, whole blood and other biological fluids that contain antibodies. This service ranges from evaluation and selection of the optimal strategy for your project to incubation & control experiments using your samples and data evaluation and analysis.

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