Peptides for Different Clinical Conditions

Peptides are the better antigens. This holds true for immune monitoring, cell therapy or vaccine development, considering the advantages peptides have over full-length proteins: 

  • Advantage of stable short length peptides is superior to proteins due to potential target inaccessibilityor structural/chemical complexity 
  • Flexibility in selection specific domains/sequences 
  • Cost-efficient and controlled method to produce antigens
  • Concerning vaccine design, the challenge of diversity of T cell epitopes in native states can be met head-on by offering peptide modifications in a controlled manner 
  • Neo-epitopes enable personalized therapies
  • Peptides ensure robust epitope resolved immune monitoring
  • Only peptides allow the study of B- and T-cell epitope spreading
  • Peptides can be synthesized in high purities at low bioburden 
  • Peptides allow proteome-wide target identification 
  • No antigen expression needed, ADCF policy applicable
  • Sequence diversity and post-translational modifications can be addressed
  • Epitopes or overlapping peptides and pools may mimic protein antigen function 

Find information on specific products and services for your project. We compiled information on the most common indications among our customers: Allergies, Alzheimer, Autoimmune Diseases, Cancer and a large variety of Infections (e.g. SARS-CoV-2, EBV, HCMV, HIV ...). 

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