Peptide Chemistry

Method Development

Peptide chemistry has advanced to a point where the majority of peptides are accessible via standard synthesis and purification protocols. Nevertheless, some peptides still pose synthesis challenges even without complex modifications. The reasons for this are mutlifaceted, including various factors such as side reaction promiscuity during synthesis, sequences prone to aggregation, limited chemical stability, or solubility. As a result, these peptides necessitate special attention. 

Leveraging are profound expertise in peptide synthesis, JPT has devised protocols that enable the successful and efficient preparation of peptides that would otherwise unattainable. Please reach out to us with your desired peptide structure and we will utilize our extensive experience in synthesis methods development to determine the optimal synthesis pathway.

Peptide Conjugates

Conjugating peptides to other molecules including other peptides, small molecules, proteins, lipids, or polymers, is a popular technique for customizing peptide properties to meet specific application requirements. 

JPT has extensive experience in the synthesis and design of  peptide conjugates, with numerous successfully completed projects resulting  in conjugates for immunotherapy, vaccine development, and drug discovery.

Peptidomimetics and Building Block Synthesis

JPT has extensive experience in synthesizing peptidomimetics. If you are uncertain about the best strategy for your specific application, we recommend contacting us beforehand, as there ususally is more than one strategy for an application. Leveraging our expertise, we will provide guidance and make recommendations to assist with your project. We are also happy to execute a Confidentiality Disclosure Agreement and handle sensitive information discreetly. 

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