PepMix™ Peptide Pools

Peptide Pools are extremely efficient for antigen-specific stimulation in T cell assays such as ELISPOT and flow cytometry. JPT's PepMix™ is the gold standard for many because of its high quality and batch-to-batch consistency, ensured by stringent quality control for the whole production process from each individual peptide synthesis up to the pooling and aliquotation process. We also make sure you do not get false positive T-cell responses by contaminating peptides or toxic inhibition due to by-products. 

Also have a look at Peptide Purity to learn the difference between average purity and purity for each peptide!

Custom PepMix™ Peptide Pools

Choose your antigen or set of peptides, pool design and peptide specifications and we will deliver tailored peptide pools. Learn more & request a quote!

Infectious Disease Antigens

Many different pathogens are available as ready-to-use PepMixes™ (e.g. SARS-CoV-2, EBV, HCMV, influenza, HAdV). View list

Control Pools

Establish reliable and validated T-cell assays using appropriate positive and negative controls, e.f. CEF or CEFX Pools. View list

Tumor Associated Antigens

PepMix™ peptide pools covering tumor associated antigens from humans and other organisms (e.g. MAGE, NY-ESO1, PSA, WT1). View list

Epitope Mapping Peptide Sets

EMPS consist of matrix pools in combination with individual peptides and enable fast identification of epitopes within an antigen. View list

PepMix™ Collections

All important protein-spanning PepMixes™ for an organism combined as sets for EBV, CMV, different cancer types and more. View list

Pan Select PepMix™

Pan Select PepMix™ are peptide pools covering immunodominant epitopes of various antigens belonging to one pathogen. View list

Ultra Pools

ULTRA pools cover sequence diversity within a virus or type of cancer using the least possible number of peptides. See below

PepSup Cell Activiation Kit

Cell activation assay designed to produce short-term culture supernatants for analysis of cytokines or other mediators of interest. Learn more

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