Peptide Optimization

Peptide optimization is a challenging task that cannot be simplified to generalized approaches. On the contrary, these sorts of projects require a deep understanding and know-how to choose the best action to address the projects’ specific goals. JPT applies a portfolio of proprietary peptide technologies, bioinformatics and medicinal chemistry, and comes with a decade-long track record of managing R&D projects. Although a single generalized strategy for peptide optimization does not exist, it is evident that optimization often requires peptides with reduced conformational flexibility and in later stages maybe the replacement of peptide amide bonds. JPT is able to provide a wide range of modified peptides for your optimization projects. Depending on your specific needs, we can provide the peptides or actively collaborate with you on the entire project. Listed below are examples of modified peptides that JPT has produced in the course of optimization projects:

  • Non-proteinogenic building blocks, e.g. (constrained) unnatural AAs, N-Alkyl, alpha-Me, beta and gamma amino acids
  • Conformational stabilization, e.g. helix/turn stabilization/induction, peptoids, cyclopeptides, e.g. cys-cys, amide, click etc.
  • Peptide bond isosters, e.g. aza-AAs, reduced amide, urea, heterocycles 

Peptide optimization projects are not limited to drug discovery. Our expertise can be applied to other areas of biomedical research as well as the nutritional and cosmetic industry. JPT’s scientists have a profound experience in the development of specific peptidic affinity ligands for the purification of therapeutic proteins.

Peptide Drugs

JPT Peptide Technologies applies its proprietary peptide technologies, bioinformatic and medicinal chemistry know-how, and a decade-long track record managing R&D projects to contract research and R&D collaborations in all relevant drug discovery areas: 

  • Peptide Discovery 
  • Hit to Lead Qualification 
  • Peptide Optimization

Our experience in Drug Discovery and Optimization can be applied in peptide based drug and vaccine projects, in the discovery of peptidic additives for the cosmetic and nutritional industry, in the development of affinity ligands for the purification of biomolecules, as well as in content determination for novel immune diagnostics.

use of peptide optimization

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