T Cell Epitope Discovery & Mapping

JPT offers the largest portfolio of peptide formats for the effective and deep discovery, confirmation, and qualification of T-cell antigen targets, immunodominant epitopes and neo-epitopes. Our fast, cost-effective, high throughput peptide synthesis platforms enable discovery of vaccine targets from a variety of antigens or even pathogenic proteomes in indications such as infectious diseases and cancer. In addition, deep epitope discovery becomes feasible creating tens of thousands of low-cost peptides for functional cellular, binding, mass spectrometric and various other assays.

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PepMaster™ Positional Scanning Peptide Library

PepMaster™ contains 181 different peptide mixtures to identify stimulating peptides for T-cell clones. Each mixture comprises a very large number of 9mer peptides that are identical with respect to one single, fixed amino acid position but are variable with respect to all other positions. This creates peptides, for example, of the format ‘A1-X2-X3-X4-X5-X6-X7-X8-X9’, ‘X1-A2-X3-X4-X5-X6-X7-X8-X9, ‘X1-X2-A3-X4-X5-X6-X7-X8-X9’, etc., where ‘A’ represents alanine, and ‘X’ represents any amino acid.

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PepTrack™ Peptide Libraries for T-Cell Assays

Our customized peptide libraries with flexible layout and specifications are optimized for deep T-cell epitope discovery using ELISpot and intra-cellular cytokine staining assays.

SpotMix Antigen Discovery Pools

SpotMixes represent overlapping & pooled peptides synthesized by our proprietary ultra-high throughput SPOT technology and are available quickly and at low cost. SpotMix Pools are optimal for broad antigen target discovery, deep T-cell epitope discovery and biological screening. SpotMix PLUS Pools have also been used for neo-epitope based immune monitoring.

T Cell Assay Services

We offer T-cell assays for T cell vaccine target identification, deep T cell epitope discovery, neo-epitope qualification, T-cell epitope mapping and antigen discovery. We assist with target selection, sequence analysis/bioinformatics and peptide library design. Our service includes peptide synthesis, peptide pooling, matrix pool design & plating and the T cell assay (e.g. Elispot, Flow-cytometry, MHC multimer staining and others).

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Matrix Pools & Epitope Mapping Peptide Sets (EMPS)

Matrix pools enable you to identitfy epitopes within an antigen very quickly and with low sample consumption. A special matrix pool layout is created by our experts for each antigen.
Matrix Pools are also part of our Epitope Mapping Peptide Sets.
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PepMix Peptide Pools

PepMix Peptide Pools are extremely efficient for antigen-specific T cell stimulation. We offer a very wide selection of different formats and antigens form infectious diseases to tumar asscociated antigens.

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