Peptide Libraries

Peptide libraries are collections of individual peptides aliquoted and finished in a variety of formats. They can result from protein-spanning overlapping peptides, sets of peptides with diverse structural properties, or any other peptide variation to systematically study biological properties. JPT is not only the leader providing the largest variety of peptide synthesis technologies but also maintains a massive plurality of fill and finish formats for any thinkable application.

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PepTrack™ Peptide Libraries

PepTrack™ Peptide Libraries are optimized for cellular assays such as T-cell assays. Peptide synthesis, purification and analysis have been designed to avoid false positive T-cell responses or toxic inhibition of T-cells and increase the shelf-life of peptides. We offer flexible specifications for the different applicatios of cellular assays. Our customer support will help you deciding wich peptide library specifications are best suited for your application!

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Peptide ELISA

Peptide ELISA (enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay) enables analysis and screening on amino acid sequence level, e.g. mapping of epitopes or definition of protein interaction sites. Peptide ELISA therefore provides much more information than conventional ELISA.

We offer custom peptide ELISA plates with different specifications and plate options to choose. 

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Proteomics Libraries & Kits

JPT offers the most extensive variety of proteomics refernece peptides both customized and off-the shelf.

Our portfolio includes SIL peptides and absolute quantified peptides, peptide kits for cotrol and standardization as well as a huge library of validated human reference peptides for mass-spectrometry based proteomics. 

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BioTides Biotinylated Peptides

BioTides Biotinylated Peptides are designed for biomedical screening assays that require immobilization onto streptavidin coated beads, membranes, glass slides or microtiter plates. They are synthesized in large numbers at unmatched pricing by high-throughput SPOT synthesis.

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PRISMA (Protein Interaction Screen on Peptide Matrix) is a tool to systematically explore cell signal transmission. Peptide are immobilized on a membrane that is incubated with a biological sample. Interacting proteins are then identified and quantified by mass spectrometry.

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Protease Spots offer an efficient way to study protease activities and substrate specificities. Custom synthesized protease substrate peptides are immobilized on cellulose discs. The discs are delivered ready-to use in microtiter plates. During incubation with protease samples fluorescent detection can be performed at different time points.

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Protease Substrate Set

The most efficient way to study enzyme activity and substrate specificity is incubating the enzyme of interest with multiple substrate peptides in parallel. Our ready-to-screen Substrate Set comprises of numerous substrate peptides, which were carefully selected from the UniProt database. 

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