Peptide Delivery Formats

For our customized products you can choose your ideal peptide delivery format. Have a look at selected peptide format options described below. If you need a peptide format that is not listed here, please inquire with our customer support and we will try our best to accommodate you!

Peptides in Vials & Plates
We are able to package your peptides in different vials (e.g. glass, plastic) and tops (e.g. crimp, screw), 96 well/384 well plates or 96 tube racks. For clinical products you can select from certified and sterile vial options. Inquire with our customer support if you would like another option!
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Peptides are most stable if stored freeze-dried at -20°C or -80°C. If you plan on using small amounts of your peptide over a period of time, please inquire for our inexpensive aliquotation service! Small freeze-dried (lyophilized) aliquots will be stable for much longer than frozen stock solution aliquots or bulk aliquots that undergo repeated freeze-thaw cycles.

Peptide Pooling

We prepare customized peptide pools according to your specific needs and ensure presence of all peptides within a pool even for large peptide numbers using a validated pooling protocol.

You could order one peptide pool containing all your peptides or several smaller subpools or even complex matrix pools for easy epitope mapping. Our customer support is happy to aid you with pool design.

Freeze-dried vs Dissolved Peptides

Peptide stability is highly sequence-dependent, but if stored freeze-dried (lyophilized) at -20 or -80°C, most peptides will be stable for 6 months or even longer.

However, we are also able to provide dissolved peptides (e.g. in DMSO). Please be aware that dissolved peptides need to be shipped frozen and should not be stored long-term due to enhanced decomposition speed in solution! If peptides are to be used frequently over a period of time, make sure to order smaller aliquots, store them frozen at -20°C or – 80°C and avoid freeze-thaw cycles.

Immobilized Peptides

Immobilized peptides can be used for a number of solid-phase assays. We are able to provide your peptides displayed on glass slides as PepStar™ Microarrays, on cellulose membranes as PepSpots Arrays or in multiwell plates as Peptide ELISA.

Delivery Temperature

Most freeze-dried peptides are stable at room temperature for several days. However, please store your peptides in a freezer at -20°C or -80°C upon arrival. However, if purity and quality of your peptides is especially crucial (e.g. for clinical applications), we are able to deliver your peptides on dry ice and including temperature tracking. Please do not hesitate to contact our customer support if you have any further questions.

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