Ask us for Modifications,
Unusual Building Blocks, Scales and More 
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Peptides for
Targeted Proteomics

Quantified Peptide Standards
for Mass Spectrometry
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Biomarker Discovery

High-Throughput Epitope Identification,
Neo-Epitope Confirmation
& Target Discovery
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Immune Monitoring

Epitope Resolved Monitoring of
Humoral & Cellular Immune Response
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GxP Grade Peptides & Pools for
Adoptive T-Cell Immunotherapy
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Peptide Libraries


Tailored for Reliable T-Cell Assays
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Our Services

We screen for biomarkers, identify leads and validate hits using serum, blood samples or other samples on peptide microarrays and ELISA.
We develop interaction assays with your samples using our flexible and robust binding assay platforms.
Send us your antibodies and we identify epitopes, key residues and minimal epitope using our custom peptide microarrays.
We screen your sample against more than 3800 different post-translational modified histone sequences to identify PTM-sensitive protein-histone interactions.
We offer our bioinformatics and cheminformatics expertise for peptide library design, generation of homology models, data analysis and interpretation.
We identify and optimize enzyme substrates for your enzyme preparation, cell lysate or serum, e.g. for kinase, phosphatase, acetyltransferase.
Within research collaborations we provide optimization of hit and lead structures, prediction and modeling of data, scaffold design and more.

News Highlights

Increase Gene Expression from your Synthetic mRNA

We introduce a new mRNA cap for in vitro transcription, the modified anti-reverse cap analog beta-S-ARCA(D1).
(September 2016)

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Analyze 21 Samples on a Single Microarray

with our new RepliTope™Multiwell Microarrays available for Tumor Antigens and Infections
(Aug 2016)

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Quality Assurance

All production is performed according to ISO 9001:2015 standards

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