NEW Antigen

for antigen-specific
stimulation of T cells
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The Human Proteome
Peptide Catalog

Reference Peptides for Essentially
all Human Proteins
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Epitope & Target

High Resolution (Neo-)Epitope Discovery,
Deep Target Discovery & Qualification
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Cell & Immunotherapy

Peptides for Adoptive Cell Therapy,
Dendritic Cell Pulsing &
Peptide Vaccination
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Immune Monitoring

Epitope Resolved Monitoring of
Humoral & Cellular Immune Response
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Standardize your
T Cell Assays

with our Universal T Cell Assay
Standard TERS™ Kit 
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Ask us for Modifications,
Unusual Building Blocks, Scales and More 
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Peptides for
Targeted Proteomics

Quantified Peptide Standards
for Mass Spectrometry
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View our peptide tools and services for all developmental phases of cell- and immunotherapy.
Peptide tools and services to study cellular and humoral immune response, including PepMix™ and PepStar™.
Large variety of customized and off-the-shelf products for MS-based proteomics and functional proteomics.
We are your partner in peptide drug development from discovery to qualification and optimization.
Enzyme profiling tools and services for kinases, phosphatases, acetyltransferases and proteases.
View our dedicated peptide tools for different diseases such as cancer, HIV, Allergies and Alzheimer’s.

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News Highlights

PepSup™ : A NEW Peptide Based Cell Activation Kit

PepSup™ will bring your cellular assays to the next level of standardization and reproducibility!
(Mar 2019)

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Boost Peptide Reliability with Peptide Analysis Services

JPT not only is the expert for peptide synthesis, but also conducts a wide variety of peptide analysis services.
(July 2019)
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