Peptides for Different Areas of Research

Different applications warrant different peptide specifications, critical analysis and peptide formats. JPT has been talking to and learning from its customers for over 15 years. Therefore, we are able to put all our knowledge not only of peptide synthesis but also about the different research fields into our product developments and custom products. 

You can trust us to find the best peptides for your project!

Cell Therapy & Vaccines

JPT Peptide Technologies developed a variety of unique peptide-based technologies allowing systematic B- and T-cell epitope discovery, immune monitoring and clinical development of immunotherapy and vaccines. Our technologies allow monitoring of individual epitope patterns and address natural sequence diversity and post-translational modifications.

JPT's peptides and services are successfully used in various clinical and non-clinical projects.

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Neo-Epitope Discovery & Therapy

Many discussions with researchers from all over the world led us to understand the various requirements during each of the different phases of neo-epitope therapy development. All that knowledge has gone into specialized peptide tools to aid you.

We invite your comments and welcome the opportunity to discuss your discovery projects in detail!

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JPT developed a variety of unique peptide-based products allowing systematic evaluation of cellular and humoral immunity. In addition to peptide formats allowing T-cell and B-cell epitope discovery, antigen-specific T-cell stimulation and immune monitoring our clinical grade products support clinical trials for the development of new immunotherapeutics and vaccines.

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Proteomics is the study of a cell's protein inventory at different times by protein identification and quantification. The application of mass spectrometry and more specifically LC-MS/MS has tremendously facilitated this process. JPT has developed proprietary approaches for the provision of quantified custom peptides and ready-to-use products enabling protein biomarker identification and quantitation.

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