Clinical Peptides

Because there are so many clinical applications and regulatory requirements, you need a flexible, high-quality source for your clinical peptides. JPT is that source! Partner with us for outstanding know-how of peptide formats, specifications, and manufacture, as well as for critical analytical release testing and batch documentation. We help with a smooth transition from research to clinical application.

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Clinical Peptides & Pools

Building on our ISO 9001:2015 certified quality management system JPT established an enhanced peptide production environment that adds critical quality measures to the standard RuO production. Resulting quality levels termed ISO PLUS Peptides and Clinical Grade Peptides focus on the more stringent requirements of immunotherapy, cell therapy, clinical immune monitoring, clinical proteomics as well as vaccine & drug development and have been approved for a variety of clinical applications.

Clinical Proteomics Peptides TQL PLUS

Our absolute quantified peptides SpikeTides_TQL PLUS are used as internal references for protein quantification. They are quantified with our proprietary QTag before delivery. Additionally, you can perform an up-to-date peptide quantitation immediately before your experiment for clinical applications. Our robust, reproducible & accurate quantification method (variation CV= 5%) has been validated in numerous peer-reviewed papers.

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