References with Antigen Peptides



  • IFNg-induced stem-like state of cancer cells as a driver of metastatic progression following immunotherapy
    Beziaud et al., Cell Stem Cell (2023) - PMID: 37267916
    Product used: Antigen Peptide Chicken Ovalbumin H-2 Kb (SIINFEKL) & Antigen Peptide gp100 H-2 Db (KVPRNQDWL)
  • Imaging of plant calcium-sensor kinase conformation monitors real time calcium decoding in planta
    Liese et al., BioRxiv (2023)


  • Identifizierung und Charakterisierung antigenspezifischer T-Zell-Antworten gegen Glioblastome
    Lu, Dissertation (2022)
  • A single administration of hIL-7-hyFc induces long-lasting T-cell expansion with maintained functions and TCR diversity
    Kim et al., Blood Advances (2022) - PMID: 36206199
  • Rotavirus-Induced Expansion of Antigen-Specific CD8 T Cells Does Not Require Signaling via TLR3, MyD88 or the Type I Interferon Receptor
    Muleta et al., Frontiers in Immunology (2022) 
  • Evaluation of Adjuvant Activity and Bio-Distribution of Archaeosomes Prepared Using Microfluidic Technology
    Jia et al,. Pharmaceutics (2022)
  • An experimental test of the nicotinic hypothesis of COVID-19
    Godellas et al., PNAS (2022) - PMID: 36279466
  • Mitochondrial fission induces immunoescape in solid tumors through decreasing MHC-I surface expression
    Lei et al., Nature Communication (2022) 
  • CD206+ tumor-associated macrophages cross-present tumor antigen and drive anti-tumor immunity
    Modak et al., JCI Insight (2022) - PMID: 35503656
    Products used:  Antigen Peptide NY-ESO-1 - HLA-A*0201 (SLLMWITQC)


  • Cross-Reactive CD4+ T Cells Enhance SARS-CoV-2 Immune Responses Upon Infection and Vaccination
    Lucie Loyal, Science (2021) - PMID: n.a.
  • Computational design of SARS-CoV-2 spike glycoproteins to increase immunogenicity by T cell epitope engineering
    Edison Ong et al., Computational & Structural Biotechnology Journal, (2021)
  • A Method to Evaluate In Vivo CD8+ T Cell Cytotoxicity in a Murine Model
    Felicity C. Stark et al., Vaccine Delivery Technology (2020) - PMID: 32959267
  • Rational Engineering and Pre-Clinical Evaluation of Neddylation and SUMOylation Site Modified AAV Vectors in Murine Models of Hemophilia B and Leber Congenital Amarousis.
    Mr. Shubham Maurya et al., Human Gene Therapy (2019) - PMID: 31642343
  • BK Polyomavirus-Specific T Cell Immune Responses in Kidney Transplant Recipients Diagnosed with BK Polyomavirus-Associated Nephropathy
    Jackrapong Bruminhent et al., BMC Infectious Diseases (2019) - PMID: 31744480
  • Molecular Engineering of Adeno-Associated Virus Capsid Improves Its Therapeutic Gene Transfer in Murine Models of Hemophilia and Retinal Degeneration
    Bertin Mary et al., Molecular Pharmaceutics (2019) - PMID: 31596095
  • Targeted In-Vitro-Stimulation Reveals Highly Proliferative Multi-Virus-Specific Human Central Memory T Cells as Candidates for Prophylactic T Cell Therapy
    Cirac et al., Cancer Immunology, Immunotherapy (2018) - PMID: 29374782
  • Epstein–Barr Virus Strain Heterogeneity Impairs Human T-cell Immunity
    Cirac et al., Cancer Immunology, Immunotherapy (2018) - PMID: 29374782
  • T-Cell Allorecognition of Donor Glutathione S-Transferase T1 in Plasma Cell-Rich Rejection
    MJ Martínez-Bravo et al., World Journal of Hepatology (2017) - PMID: n.a.
  • Multi-Target Chimaeric VLP as a Therapeutic Vaccine in a Model of Colorectal Cancer
    Donaldson et al., J Immunother Cancer. (2017) - PMID: 28815049
  • Recombinant LCMV Vectors Induce Protective Immunity Following Homologous and Heterologous Vaccinations
    Wingerath et al., Molecular Therapy (2017) - PMID: n.a.
  • CD4 T Helper Cells Instruct Lymphopenia-Induced Memory-Like CD8 T Cells for Control of Acute LCMV Infection
    Schmitt et al., Frontiers in Immunology (2016) - PMID: n.a.

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