SpotMix Antigen Discovery Pools

SpotMix Peptide Pools

SpotMix Antigen Discovery Pools are small scale peptide pools and consist of overlapping & pooled peptides synthesized by our proprietary ultra-high throughput SPOT technology. SPOT peptides are synthesized in small amounts, fully automated and purified by dialysis. Therefore, we are able to provide SpotMix and SpotMix PLUS Pools very quickly and at low cost. SpotMix Pools are optimal for broad antigen target discovery, T-cell epitope discovery and biological screening. SpotMix PLUS Pools have also been used for neo-epitope based immune monitoring.

Differences between SpotMix & PepMix™ Peptide Pools

Amount/Peptide Varying (approx. 5 to 20 µg / peptide depending on synthesis yield) 10 µg / peptide (each peptide quantified) From 1 mg / peptide (each peptide quantified)
Peptide Purity Purified by Dialysis Purified by Dialysis Unpurified or purified by HPLC up to Clinical Grade
Peptide QC 5% peptides analyzed by LC-MS 100% peptides analyzed by LC-MS 100% peptides analyzed by LC-MS
Pool QC none none Full QC for each peptide pool warranting presence of each peptide
Applications Antigen discovery
Neo-epitope based immune monitoring, Antigen discovery Clinical immune monitoring, preclinical & clinical research, immunotherapy
Delivery Time 2 weeks minimum 3 weeks minimum4 weeks minimum



Applications for SpotMix Antigen Discovery Pools

  •     Antigen target discovery
  •     Biological screening
  •     Neo-epitope based immune monitoring

Application Notes for SpotMix Antigen Discovery Pools

A Fast & Low Cost Process for Neo-Epitope Based ImmuneMonitoring
Derhovanessian et al. (2017) Full Text

Benefits of SpotMix Antigen Discovery Pools

  • Quick production
  • Parallel production of thousands of peptides resulting in hundreds of peptide pools
  • Most inexpensive custom peptide pools on the market

References for SpotMix Antigen Discovery Pools

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