Peptide Pooling & Library Service

The synthesis of high quality peptide libraries is a core expertise of JPT Peptide Technologies. We offer flexibility in providing these libraries to our worldwide customer base. The libraries can consist of up to thousands of synthetic peptides.

Specifically for peptides used in T-cell assays at various phases of vaccine development, JPT, together with its partners at scientific institutes, optimized the requirements of peptide production. These specifications were translated into a product line called PepTrack™ Peptide Libraries offering tailored solutions for all peptide needs in vaccine development. Using its regulated environment (DIN EN ISO 9001:2015, GCLP), JPT produces more individual peptides on an annual basis than any other ISO 9001 certified company worldwide.

Peptide libraries are also frequently used for proteomics applications. Using our proprietary SPOT synthesis technology, we can provide libraries of thousands of individually defined proteotypic peptides within just weeks and at the most competitive price. Our SpikeTides™ Proteotypic Peptides are available as light or heavy peptides, and absolutely quantified.

Drug discovery is another frequent application of our peptide libraries. The libraries can be screening libraries (biased or de novo), or focused libraries for the stepwise optimization of peptides. Besides peptides containing natural alpha amino acids, a wide range of modifications is available. Examples of frequently used library types are:

  • Alanine scans
  • Truncation analyses
  • Neo-epitope libraries
  • Cyclization scans
  • Positional scanning libraries
  • Overlapping peptide scans
  • Random libraries
Have a look at our tips how to create a peptide library and which format to chose for your application! 

Pooling of Peptides

The use of pooled overlapping peptides (e.g. for a certain virus or tumor antigen such as CMV pp65 or erbB2) or mixed antigenic peptides (e.g. CEF Pools with antigens from CMV, EBV and Influenza) is extremely efficient for immunostimulation of T-cells. JPT Peptide Technologies offers a huge and still growing number of cost-effective and ready-to-use PepMix™ Peptide Pools and PepMix™ Peptide Pool Collections. Alternatively, we can prepare your customized peptide pool fast and economically according to your specific needs or provide the respective individual peptides.

We are able to ensure presence of all peptides within the pool even for large peptide numbers due to our validated pooling protocol.

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