Peptide Chemistry

We have a substantial, long-standing expertise in peptide synthesis, providing tailored peptides with highest quality for even complex or unusual peptide sequences. Our highly skilled and committed scientific staff ensures that the most appropriate modifications, purities, methods, peptide synthesizers and techniques are selected for every custom peptide synthesis project.
Most of JPT's specialty peptides are provided in the highest purity (>95%), with a full range of peptide analyses including LC-MS (trap and/or quad), MALDI-MS or HPLC. A large variety of optional analyses is available e.g. AAA, NMR, CE, sterility testing, as well as peptide content determination.
The exceptional quality and reliability of our peptide synthesis service has been appreciated by customers worldwide for many years.



This is a selection of common peptide modifications and labeling options. For a detailed description of the different options and a full list, please visit our Specialty Peptide Synthesis page.

  • Fluorescence and chromogenic labeled peptides (FITC, Carboxyfluorescein, Alexa, AMC, FRET peptides, etc.)
  • Peptide esters
  • Internally quenched peptides (FRET peptides: Abz/nitroTyr, EDANS/DABCYL, MCA/DNP labeling) guaranteed without fluorescent impurities
  • Immunogenic peptides (MAPs, palmitinylation, Pam3Cys labeling, etc.)
  • Phosphopeptides (phosphorylated tyrosine, threonine or serine) and peptidomimetics (amide bond isosteres, non-natural amino acids, etc.)
  • Post-translational modifications (PTMs) such as acetylation, methylation, phosphorylation, citrullination e.g. acetyl lysine and acetyl arginine peptides, methyl lysine and methyl arginine, citrullin, lysine succinyl, butyryl, propyl... etc.
  • Non-commercial building blocks for custom peptide synthesis
  • Biotinylated peptides (N-terminal and C-terminal biotinylation as well as biotin attached via side chains – via special optimized linker / spacer)
  • D amino acid peptides (D peptides)
  • Labeled custom peptides (stable isotope labeling (heavy peptides), chromophore, etc.)
  • Cyclic peptides (disulfide bridges, lactams, thioether-bridges, etc.)
  • Long peptides (>70 amino acids)
  • Site-directed conjugations of custom peptides with KLH, BSA, ovalbumine or other carriers
Please inquire about additional peptide modifications not listed here


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