Peptide Tools for HIV Research

About Human Immunodeficiency Virus

HIV is a retrovirus that causes acquired immuno-deficiency syndrome (AIDS). This progressive collapse of cellular immune response renders commonly harmless infections and cancers to become severe. They are caused by pathogens such as Candida, M. tuberculosis or latent herpes viruses (e.g. EBVHCMV). In infected individuals, HIV is present as free particles and in infected immune cells (specifically CD4+ cells). Entry of HIV into cells requires the interaction of the viral envelope protein gp120 with the CD4 glycoprotein and a chemokine receptor on the host cell surface.

HIV in Research

Development of a potential vaccine is an important goal to AIDS researchers. Immune correlate analysis of the largest clinical trial so far (RV144 or Thai trial) was performed with the help of JPT’s PepStar™ Antigen Collection HIV Microarrays. The results showed that the presence of IgG against the V2 loop of gp120 is highly correlated with reduced risk of infection. Other vaccination strategies aim to stimulate specific cytotoxic T-lymphocytes.

JPT's Peptide Tools to Study HIV

Cellular Immune Response

-> PepMix™ Peptide Pools 
  • Antigen specific stimulation of T-cells
  • Immune monitoring of high-risk patients
  • Qualification of immunodominant antigens
  • Validating clinical T-cell assays
HIV Ultra PepMixes™
ENV, GAG, NEF and POL peptide pools were designed with focus on high coverage. A proprietary algorithm was used to obtain peptide combinations providing an optimal coverage of sequence variability. 
Tailored PepMix™ Peptide Pools for your specific needs!

  • T-cell assays in
  • High-throughput T-cell epitope discovery
  • Monitoring of cellular immune response
  • Clinical trials

We are the experts for peptide synthesis with highest quality optimized for many applications. Our peptide synthesis service has a very high success rate (over 99%) as we optimize the appropriate peptide synthesis method for each peptide.
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Humoral Immune Response

-> Peptide Microarrays 
  • Immune monitoring of humoral responses
  • Profiling of HIV specific samples or antibodies
  • Evaluation of co-infection
  • Detection of epitopes and epitope spreading
 HIV Ultra PepStar™ Peptide Microarray
JPT’s HIV Ultra microarray displays overlapping peptide scans through HIV gag p17 and p24, tat, nef, env and the remaining immunogenic regions of the HIV proteome (6564 15mer peptides). It covers sequences from the most frequent clades (A, B, C, D, G, CRF1, CRF2) of HIV 1. We also offer our assay and analysis service using your samples with this high-content HIV peptide microarray.
Tailored PepStar™ Peptide Microarrays
You define content and layout, we provide economic and fast production in our regulated clean-room environment. We also offer our assay and analysis service using your samples with your tailored peptide microarray.

Our tailored Peptide ELISA plates are offered as stand alone service for mapping of epitopes and definition of protein interaction sites or as validation assay to confirm results obtained with JPT’s peptide microarrays.

Clinical Peptides

-> Clinical Peptides
JPT’s Clinical Peptides product lines Clinical Grade and ISO Plus are produced in production environments that are regulated by an enhanced ISO 9001:2015 quality management system for the stringent product requirements of immunotherapy as well as vaccine and drug development. Depending on the specifics of the immunotherapy concept to be applied, the resulting products have been shown to be applicable in clinical applications.



  • Potent anti-viral activity of a trispecific HIV neutralizing antibody in SHIV-infected monkeys
    Amarendra Pegu et al., Cell Report (2022) - PMID: 34986348
    Products used: PepMix HIV ENV Ultra
  • UltraNatural Immunity against HIV-1: Progression of Understanding after Association Studies
    Ma Luo, Viruses (2022)
    Product used: PepMix HIV-1 GAG Ultra
  • Administration of broadly neutralizing anti-HIV-1 antibodies at ART initiation maintains long-term CD8+ T cell immunity
    Rosás-Umbert et al., Nature Communications (2022
    Products used: PepMix HIV-1 (GAG) UltraHIV-1 (ENV) UltraHIV-1 (NEF) UltraHIV-1 (POL) Ultra 
  • Early intervention with 3BNC117 and romidepsin at antiretroviral treatment initiation in people with HIV-1: a phase 1b/2a, randomized trial
    Gunst et al., Nature Medicine (2022)
    Product used: PepMix HIV Gag Ultra
  • Broadly binding and functional antibodies and persisting memory B cells elicited by HIV vaccine PDPHV
    Wang et al., Vaccines (2022)
    Products used: PepStar™ HIV-1 env
  • Differential localization and limited cytotoxic potential of duodenal CD8+ T cells
    Mvaya et al., JCI Insight (2022) - PMID: 35132966
    Products used: PepMix™ HIV-1 (POL), HIV-1 (GAG) & HIV-1 (NEF) 
  • Combination of ultrasound-based mechanical disruption of tumor with immune checkpoint blockade modifies tumor microenvironment and augments systemic antitumor immunity
    Shinya Abe et al., Immunotherapy of Cancer (2022)
  • Products used: PepMix™ HIV-1 (GAG) UltraPotent anti-viral activity of a trispecific HIV neutralizing antibody in SHIV-infected monkeys
    Amarendra Pegu et al., Cell Report (2022) - PMID: 34986348
    Products used: PepMix™ HIV-1 (ENV) Ultra
  • Lipid Nanoparticle Encapsulated Nucleoside-Modified mRNA Vaccines Elicit Polyfunctional HIV-1 Antibodies Comparable to Proteins in Nonhuman Primates
    Kevin O. Saunders et al., BioRxiv, (2021)
  • Lipid Nanoparticle Encapsulated Nucleoside-Modified mRNA Vaccines Elicit Polyfunctional HIV-1 Antibodies Comparable to Proteins in Nonhuman Primates
    Samuel L. Vidal et al., Nature, (2021)
  • HIV-Specific T Cell Responses Reflect Substantive in Vivo Interactions With Antigen Despite Long-Term Therapy
    Eva. M Stevenson et al., JCI Insight (2021)
  • Comparison of Shortened Mosaic HIV-1 Vaccine Schedules: a Randomised, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Phase 1 Trial (IPCAVD010/HPX1002) And a Preclinical Study in Rhesus Monkeys (NHP 17–22)
    Kathryn E. Stephenson et al., The Lancet HIV (2020) - PMID: 32078815
  • Evaluation of HIV-1 Neutralizing and Binding Antibodies in Maternal-Infant Transmission in Thailand
    Lindsay Wieczorek et al., Virology (2020) - PMID: n.a.
  • Antigen Responsive CD4+T Cell Clones Contribute to the HIV-1 Latent Reservoir
    Pilar Mendoza et al., bioRxiv (2020) - PMID: n.a.
  • Enhancement of Immune Responses by Guanosine-Based Particles in DNA Plasmid Formulations against Infectious Diseases
    Santos et al, Journal of Immunology Research (2019)
  • T-Cell Responses Targeting HIV Nef Uniquely Correlate With Infected Cell Frequencies After Long-Term Antiretroviral Therapy
    Thomas et al, PLoS Pathogen(2019)
  • Envelope-Specific Epitope Recognition Patterns of HIV Vaccine-Induced IgG Antibodies are Linked to Immunogen Structure and Sequence
    Nadai et al, Front. Immunol (2019)
  • Neutralizing Antibody Responses following Long-Term Vaccination with HIV-1 Env gp140 in Guinea Pigs
    Bricault et al, Journal of Virology (2018)
  • Cytomegalovirus-specific T-cells Are Associated with Immune Senescence, But Not With Systemic Inflammation, in People Living with HIV
    Ballegaard et al, Sci Rep. (2018)
  • Differential Expression of CD8+ T Cell Cytotoxic Effector Molecules in Blood and Gastrointestinal Mucosa in HIV-1 Infection
    Kiniry et al, The Journal of Immunology (2018)


“The RV 144 HIV trial is considered as one of the first successful HIV vaccine trials. It has become clear that the V2 loop of gp120 is an important site for immunogenicity and protection from HIV infection. The use of JPT’s PepStar™ microarray technology has been very useful for the correlation of the clincial outcome with humoral immune responses. As have the cyclic peptides been from JPT to validate these findings!”
J. Currier, PhD., Walter Reed Army Institute, Rockville, Maryland, USA

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