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Our Peptides in Action: Recent Publications in Oncology!

Published on 03/06/2022

Since many years now, the focus in cancer research has shifted towards underlying immunological factors. Identifying the factors leading to oncogenesis and improving prognosis in the form of facilitating early diagnosis and finding effective and potentially personalized treatment are at the core of all fundamental and clinical research. We provide the necessary tools for immunological cancer research that cover either tumor associated antigens or other related sequences with the following applications:

  • T-cell and B-cell epitope discovery
  • Clinical trial immune monitoring
  • Blood- and sero test development
  • Cell therapy development
  • Development of new vaccine delivery formats

Here we demonstrate the range of our catalog and customizable products on the basis of recent publications that may be relevant for your research:

  1. Use of MS-GUIDE for identification of protein biomarkers for risk stratification of patients with prostate cancer
    Goetze et al., Clinical Proteomics (2022)
    Keywords: biomarker identification, fibronectin, vitronectin, prostate cancer, liquid biopsies, MS-based prescreening
    Products: SpikeTides TQL
  2. Distinct phenotypic states and spatial distribution of CD8+ T cell clonotypes in human brain metastases
    Sudmeier et al., Cell Reports Medicine (2022)
    Keywords: immunotherapies, brain metastasis, CD8+ cells, targeting signaling pathways
    Product: PepMix CEFX Ultra SuperStim Pool
  3. A Costimulatory CAR Improves TCR-based Cancer Immunotherapy
    Omer et al., Cancer Immunology Research (2022)
    Kewords: cancer antigens, costimulatory chimeric antigen receptor, tumor progression delay, T-cell activity
    Products: PepMix EBV (EBNA1), (LMP1) and (LMP2)
  4. Identification of Claudin 6-specific HLA class I- and HLA class II-restricted T cell receptors for cellular immunotherapy in ovarian cancer
    Matsuzaki et al., Oncoimmunology (2022)
    Keywords: ovarian cancer, adoptive cell therapy, ex vivo gene engineering, claudin6 specific TCR genes
    Product: PepMix Human (Claudin-6)
  5. Selective Targeting of Protein Kinase C (PKC)-θ Nuclear Translocation Reduces Mesenchymal Gene Signatures and Reinvigorates Dysfunctional CD8 + T Cells in Immunotherapy-Resistant and Metastatic Cancers
    Dunn et al., Cancers (2022)
    Keywords: PKC-θ enrichment, melanoma, breast cancer, metastasis, CD8+ T-cells, immunotherapy-resistance
    Product: Custom PepStar Peptide Microarrays
  6. Diagnosing pleural effusions using mass spectrometry-based multiplexed targeted proteomics quantitating mid- to high-abundance markers of cancer, infection/inflammation and tuberculosis
    Robak et al., Scientific Reports (2022)
    Keywords: lung cancer, Mass spectrometry, biomarkers
    Products: Custom SpikeTides
  7. Non-Mutated Nucleophosmin 1 Is Recognized by the CD8+ T Lymphocytes of an AML Patient after the Transplantation of Hematopoietic Stem Cells from an HLA-Haploidentical Donor
    Nemeckova et al., Current Oncology (2022)
    Keywords: re-localization of mutated NPM1 protein, myeloid leukemia (AML), T-cell response, hematopoietic stem cell transplantation
    Products: PepMix Human (Prame/OIP4), (WT1/WT33), (Mucin-1),  and (CTLA4)

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