Peptide Pool Concepts from Discovery to the Clinic

Published on 01/06/2021

Recent virus outbreaks related to COVID-19, ZIKA, and EBOLA; therapeutic advances in treating TB, HIV, and HPV infections; and new cancer immunotherapies have led to increased interest in peptide tools. JPT has developed hundreds of innovative peptide products for addressing both humoral and cellular immunity. Have you considered how they might help facilitating the development of your vaccines and immunotherapies!
We are happy to announce the expansion of our PepMix Peptide Pool product line to enhance development of rapid antigen discovery efforts and for clinical trial therapies and immune monitoring assays.
Please contact us to discuss the benefits of using tailored, ISO 9001:2015 – regulated peptide products:


  • Rapid assembly of multiple, small scale, low cost antigen peptide pools
  • Guaranteed peptide identity, pool content and purity level
  • Regulated manufacturing for clinical applications
  • Scaled peptide pools from micrograms to multi-grams
  • ADCF policies, line clearance, and complete batch documentation available

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