The Peptide ABC - what you never knew to ask!

Published on 27/06/2023

You and other scientists all over the world have trusted us with your peptide needs for almost 20 years, making us the leading manufacturer of custom peptides and innovative peptide-based products for research and clinical applications. 

With our substantial and long-standing expertise in peptide synthesis, we provide the highest quality, no matter how complex the peptide sequences with a success rate of over 99%. We are the Peptide Experts! 

However, when ordering custom peptides you have to consider different specifications, options and risks that are not always commonly understood, e.g. peptide stability, peptide solubility, peptide weight vs net weight, peptide purity vs HPLC purity, endotoxins, ADFC, how to store a peptide and many more. 

Therefore, we created an educational series for you to make it easy to understand that peptides are not just a commodity and which question you need to answer for your specific application. 

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