Our PepMix Peptide Pools put to Action: read-up!

Published on 09/06/2023

JPT offers the largest variety of ready-to-use overlapping PepMix Peptide Pools, which cover infectious disease, tumor-associated, or allergy-, and autoimmune-specific antigens. The following reading selection includes a very recent pick of the more than 700 PepMix publications available on our website

  1. Age-related Differences in Immune Reactions to SARS-CoV-2 Spike and Nucleocapsid Antigens
    Morhart et al,. Vaccines (2023)
    Products used: PepMix CEFX Ultra SuperStim Pool & PepMix Human (Actin) 
  2. A Systems Immunology Study comparing innate and adaptive Immune Responses in Adults to COVID-19 mRNA and Adenovirus Vectored Vaccines
    Ryan et al., Cell Reports Medicine (2023)
    Product used: PepMix Chimpanzee Adenovirus Y25 (Hexon Protein) 
  3. The Role of the T-cell mediated Immune Response to Cytomegalovirus Infection in Intrauterine Transmission
    Soriano-Ramos et al., PLOS One (2023)
    Products used: PepMix HCMVA (IE-1) & HCMVA (pp65) 
  4. Personalized RNA Neoantigen Vaccines stimulate T cells in Pancreatic Cancer
    Rojas et al., Nature (2023)
    Products used: custom PepMix 
  5. A cell-free antigen processing system informs HIV-1 epitope selection and vaccine design
    Sengupta et al., Journal of Experimental Medicine (2023)
    Products used: PepMix™ HIV-1 (NEF) Ultra, PepMix HIV-1 (Con B gag motif) 
  6. Combination Ad26.RSV.preF/preF Protein Vaccine induces Superior Protective Immunity compared with Individual Vaccine Components in Preclinical Models
    Saeland et al., Vaccines (2023)
    Product used: PepMix HRSVA (Fusion Glycoprotein F0) 
  7. Validation of the Performance and Suitability of a new Class of FBS optimized for Use in Single-cell Functional Assays
    Berrong et al., Journal of Immunological Methods (2023)
    Products used: CEF Pool (extended), CEFT MHC-II Pool, PepMix HCMVA (pp65)

Why do so many scientist rely on JPT’s PepMix peptide pools for robust immune monitoring and reliable T cell assays?

PepMix is the industry standard for the stimulation of antigen-specific T cells because: 
  • Complete manufacture and QC according to stringent IS0 9001:2015 regulations 
  • Our antigen spanning peptide pools are guaranteed to cover the entire protein while maintaining consistent peptide length within the pool 
  • Peptide purity and content is verified and documented for each peptide and final pool 
  • To avoid potentially interfering de novo epitope formation during peptide synthesis we always add a capping process per default 

catalog or custom, PepMixes come in many different forms, which allow you to select research tools catered to your demands. 
  • PepMix Peptide Pools covering antigens of various infectious pathogens 
  • PepMix Peptide Pools for tumor-associated antigens 
  • PepMix Control Pools to establish reliable and validated T cell assays 
  • Pan Select PepMix cover immune-dominant epitopes within one organism 
  • PepMix Ultra Pools are designed to address sequence diversity in genetically heterogeneous pathogens 
  • PepMix Collections are a combination of peptide pools belonging to either one organism or condition 

World of PepMix provides even more information on PepMix formats and their respective application areas.

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