Happy New Year 24

Happy New Year! We are reflecting on 2023 with JPT's Highlights

Published on 14/12/2023

As we start the New Year, we are happy to reminisce about last year’s fantastic journey alongside you. It is our honor to be your trusted source for high quality peptides. We hope that our peptide tools have been the catalyst for achieving new scientific goals, unlocking innovation and knowledge, and propelling your projects toward success. Your trust and support has always been a cornerstone of our success. Thank you for choosing JPT! 

Now, let us rewind and celebrate some of the milestones that have made 2023 truly memorable:

  • The Kickoff: The FAST & The FUNCTIONAL – We embarked on the year with a bang, by making high-throughput custom peptide formats easily accessible to all.
  • Introducing The World of PepMix & Peptide Arrays – Dive into our comprehensive resources, your ultimate guide to all things PepMix or Peptide Arrays.
  • Expanding on Antigen Peptides - We added 165 new Antigen Peptides, bringing our repertoire to over 350 from 40+ species for your exploration.
  • Connecting Face-to-Face - Our Technical Support Teams made waves at numerous conferences and hosted an ELISPOT workshop, thrilled to engage with you personally! 
  • Unveiling The Peptide ABC - Our first eBook, The Peptide ABC, your guide from early discovery to clinical applications, is now yours for free. Grab your copy!
  • Fueling Science - In 2023, JPT contributed peptide services to more than 200 publications in oncology, infectious disease, and proteomics, five of which were co-authored by our scientists.
  • 2023 - The Year of PepMix – 42 new peptide pools for 14 different organisms were launched, marking a year full of PepMix innovations. Take a look!
  • A New Roof for Innovation - We celebrated the topping out of our new JPT building in Berlin! This U-shaped marvel will house 200 people in 80 modern labs and offices, dedicated solely to peptides. Stay tuned for updates
  • Top 5 - In a comparison of ELISpot assay performance between 35 labs, JPT was rated within the top 5 labs.
  • New Frontiers – We have synthesized many specialty peptides, ranging from newly discovered PTMs such as Lys(lactoyl) to complex structures such as advanced glycation endproducts (Amadori product), chloromethyl ketones, peptide nucleic acids (PNAs), peptide-lipid conjugates and more.

We wish you a Happy New Year from our entire team!

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