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Published on 09/11/2023

With nearly two decades of expertise as your trusted peptide supplier, we have gathered a wealth of knowledge about all things peptide. Over the summer, we shared invaluable insights into the world of custom peptides on our social media channels highlighting why they are not just a commodity but require careful design and synthesis strategies. We have covered topics such as peptide purity, peptide library design, peptide stability and storage, peptide solubility, toxic by-products, ISO 9001 certification, ADCF policy and endotoxins. 

The response we received was immense, and it has motivated us to do more. As a result, we have compiled all of this valuable information with additional images into an eBook.

This eBook will guide you through many relevant peptide requirements from early discovery to clinical application. You can easily download your copy from your account under “My digital library”. 

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We are eager to hear your thoughts on the eBook and any other burning peptide issues. What is on your mind? Let us know! 

Thank you for being a part of our peptide community, and we look forward to continuing to share knowledge with you.

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