Available NOW: New Tumor-associated PepMix Peptide Pools!

Published on 15/06/2023

Tumor associated antigens (TAAs) are expressed by tumor cells and recognizable by the host's immune system; either via immune cells or antibodies. We provide the most comprehensive portfolio of peptide products and services for working with immune cells in cancer immunotherapy & vaccine development. With our purified PepMix Peptide Pools, you are able to stimulate antigen-specific CD4+ and CD8+ T cells in a robust, accurate and reproducible fashion. 

We continuously aim to update our ready-to-use PepMix Peptide Pools covering tumor-associated antigens, involved in cell proliferation, oncogene regulation, melanin synthesis and more. 

Our PepMix portfolio covers more than 50 different human TAA PepMixes! 

NEW TAA PepMix Peptide Pools: 

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