JPT Peptide Technologies is a DIN ISO 9001:2008 certified and GCLP compliant integrated provider of peptide based products & services including custom peptides, peptide arrays, ready to use kits and profiling assays.  In addition,  JPT applies its  peptide synthesis and assay expertise in  collaborative research & development projects. Our proprietary peptide synthesis (for custom peptides, proteotypic peptides, SPOT peptides, histone peptides etc), peptide library and peptide pool production and peptide array (cellulose based peptide arrays and peptide microarrays) technologies make us a leading one-stop source for a large variety of applications in research and clinical trials such as:

• Seromarker discovery & validation
• Development of immune monitoring tools and diagnostics
• Vaccine target discovery
• Peptide lead identification & optimization
• Biomarker quantification by targeted proteomics
• Enzyme substrate identification & sensitivity profiling (e.g for kinases and acetylases)

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Treatment of Viral Infections after HSCT by PepMix™ - Generated CTLs. Sci Transl Med Paper Reports Clinical Success of JPTs GxP Peptide Pools.
(August 2014)
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The Human Proteome Mapped - JPT Celebrates Contribution on two Landmark Papers in Nature
(June 2014)
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QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute selects JPT’s GxP PepMixes™ for Clinical Trials
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(May 2014)

JPT launches MHC Multimers
You can now purchase Dextramers® for antigen-specific T cell detection via JPT's online shop
(Apr 2014)

Peptide Synthesis

Chemically synthesized peptides are produced from protected amino acids. Most peptide syntheses are performed via solid phase synthesis. However, for some peptides solution based peptide synthesis techniques are required. After peptide synthesis peptides are purified and analyzed via HPLC and MS.
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