Sulfated Peptides

  • Tyrosine O-sulfation is a ubiquitous posttranslational protein modification
  • It occurs in all multicellular organisms
  • As much as 1 % of the total protein of an organism may be tyrosine O-sulfated
  • Sulfation occurs exclusively on tyrosine (Tyr) residues
  • There are also indications of some serine (Ser) sulfation

Sulfated Peptides

While tyrosine sulfated peptides are stable under basic conditions, the sulfate is unstable under acidic conditions. This makes the efficient synthesis of sulfated peptides technically challenging. JPT has established reliable procedures for peptide sulfation which guarantee high success rates. Based on this, we can supply a wide range of tyrosine-sulfated peptides depending on sequence and specification.

Please also have a look at our PTM Reference & Kits for direct usage as reference material in mass-spectrometry based proteomics to support PTM proteomics.

PTM sulfation modifications

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