Peptide Microarray Assay Service - Enzyme Profiling & Proteomics

JPT provides a highly comprehensive Peptide Microarray Assay Service for enzyme profiling.
Send us an email along with a short description of the planned enzyme profiling experiment and we will provide you with a proposal. 

Steps in our Peptide Microarray Assay Service

  1. Discuss your needs and the respective experiments in detail with our scientists
  2. Send us your samples
  3. JPT performs all incubations and control experiments
  4. We deliver experimental details, fluorescence images or data from colorimetric read-out
  5. We perform statistical analysis of results yielding e.g. consensus sequence motifs

Our Peptide Microarray Assay Service is applicable for

  • Detection of enzymatic activities from biological and patient samples
  • Identification of enzyme substrates
  • Profiling of a variety of enzymes
  • Testing of antibody preparations
  • Screening of entire proteomes for modification sites and more

Try our Peptide Microarray Assay Service for

Custom Peptide Microarrays

Custom Peptide Microarrays 

Using our technology and state-of-the-art equipment, we deliver custom PepStar™ microarrays precisely tailored to your unique purpose. Discuss your project with our scientists to find out more!
Acetyltransferase - Histone Deacetylase - Methyltransferase Microarrays

Acetyltransferase Microarrays

  • Acetylome Microarray - Deacetylase (> 5500 peptides displaying all human acetylation sites within acetylated peptides)
  • Acetylome Microarray - Acetyltransferase (> 5500 peptides displaying all human acetylation sites within unmodified peptides)
Histone Code Peptide Microarray

Histone Microarrays

Histone Code Microarray (> 3800 peptides covering all sequence variants of histone proteins with post-translational modifications)


Applications for Peptide Microarray Assay Service - Enzyme Profiling & Proteomics

  • Purified enzymes such as phosphatases, histone deacetylases, acetyltransferases, histone methyltransferases and others
  • Other proteins
  • Patient samples (e.g. serum)

Benefits of Peptide Microarray Assay Service - Enzyme Profiling & Proteomics

  • Select from 100 different ready-made peptide microarrays OR design your own content
  • Screen thousands of peptides in parallel
  • Save your precious samples (only minimal amounts needed for incubation)
  • Take advantage of the knowledge and experience of our integrated research team and our automated incubation facilities
  • Save time for assay setup and data analysis

Testimonials for Peptide Microarray Assay Service - Enzyme Profiling & Proteomics

" JPT’s new extremely high-density histone peptide array is a dramatic leap forward for analysis of the histone code hypothesis. The complete sequence coverage across core histones and histone variants as well as the presence of common and rare histone post-translational modifications – alone and in combination – makes this an unparalleled tool for studying the “writers” and “readers” of the histone code. My laboratory has used these arrays to ask the sequence and PTM dependence of a histone writer enzyme and we have discovered an activity specifying code that will keep us busy for years to come."
David Shechter, PhD, Department of Biochemistry, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Yeshiva University, NY, USA

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