Bio- & Cheminformatics

With our long term experience in bioinformatics, computational chemistry and modeling we are able to support research projects at all stages.

Our Capabilities

  • Library design based on all available and relevant data sources (sequence, structure, function, homology, literature, ligands, and databases)
  • Evaluation of experimental data (medium and high throughput assays) • Management and presentation of complex data sets
  • Conversion of structure, sequence, and other data to different formats
  • Support for compound logistics
  • Supply of compound data in any format (sequence or structure)
  • Generation of homology models for peptide selection
  • Prediction and modelling of data • Scaffold design for native-like presentation of peptides
  • Management and integration of data from different sources
  • Meeting Sequence Diversity (ULTRA concept)
  • Peptide Prioritization
  • Cheminformatics & Modeling

use of Bioinformatics Cheminformatics

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