Peptide Optimization

Peptide optimization projects at JPT are conducted with purified compounds that are synthesized on polymeric resins or in solution. If required, proprietary high content technologies such as SPOT™ and PepStar™ support the optimization work. The process is highly iterative, taking into account all relevant optimization parameters. In this respect, we emphasize the evaluation and consideration of late-stage goals (e.g. PK/Tox properties) from early on in the optimization process (to allow early fall-back if necessary). During optimization, the lead peptides are usually converted into smaller and less peptide-like compounds (i.e. by the incorporation of unnatural amino acids, small molecule building blocks or steric constraints).

Lead optimization projects are not limited to the area of drug discovery. Our expertise is employed in many other areas of biomedical research as well as the nutritional and cosmetic industry. Exemplarily, JPT’s scientists have a profound experience in the development of specific peptidic affinity ligands for the purification of therapeutic proteins.

use of peptide optimization

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