Neo-Epitope Discovery & Therapy

References with Neo-Epitope Peptide Tools

New Epitopes in Ovalbuminprovide Insights For Cancer Neoepitopes
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Mass Spectrometry Driven Exploration Reveals Nuancesof Neoepitope-Driven Tumor Rejection
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Bivalent Peptide- and Chelator-Containing Bioconjugates as Toolbox Components for Personalized Nanomedicine
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Neoantigen vaccine generates intratumoral T cell responses in phase Ib glioblastoma trial
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Immune Checkpoint Blockade Enhances Shared Neoantigen-Induced T-cell Immunity Directed against Mutated Calreticulin in Myeloproliferative Neoplasms     
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CD11c+ MHCIIlo GM-CSF-bone marrow-derived dendritic cells act as antigen donor cells and as antigen presenting cells in neoepitope-elicited tumor immunity against a mouse fibrosarcoma
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Personalized ex vivo Multiple Peptide Enrichment and Detection of T Cells Reactive to Multiple Tumor-associated Antigens in Prostate Cancer Patients  
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Personalized RNA Mutanome Vaccines Mobilize Poly-specific Therapeutic Immunity Against Cancer
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An Immunogenic Personal Neoantigen Vaccine for Patients with Melanoma
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