Application-Specific Peptides

JPT Peptide Technologies has substantial, long-standing expertise in providing peptides to the global scientific community. Our highly skilled and committed scientific staff ensures that the most appropriate methods and techniques are selected for every synthesis project. All our catalog peptides are provided with HPLC-MS analyses to confirm the identity and demonstrate the high quality of our peptides.

Antigen Peptides

Find your antigen peptide according to sequence, allele or organism and select the connected PepMix™ Peptide Pool and MHC Multimer for efficient immune monitoring, mapping of T cell epitopes or development of immunotherapy and vaccines. 

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Amyloid Beta A4 Peptides

Abeta peptides are the main component of amyloid plaques in the brain of patients with Alzheimer's disease. JPT provides a broad selection of chemically synthesized amyloid beta peptides with different lengths and point-mutated versions. Our amyloid peptides are provided as HFIP-films, which removes any unwanted secondary peptide structure and pre-existing oligomeric/polymeric forms.

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Chelate Peptides (DOTA)

DOTA peptides are precursor for radiolabeled DOTA-TOC, DOTA-NOC and DOTA-TATE and ligands for somatostatin receptors. Our chelate peptides can be bound to radionuclides for development of nuclear imaging and somatostatin receptor scintigraphy (SRS). 

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Cosmetic Peptides (DPRA Peptides)

Cysteine Peptide and Lysine Peptide are used for DPRA (Direct Peptide Reactivity Assay) in skin sensitisation testing. DPRA measures the reaction of a chemical with synthetic peptides to assess its sensitisation potency in cosmetics. For research use only!

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Sirtuin Substrates

We offer an assay kit with a universal substrate peptide designed for systematic discovery of sirtuin 1-6 modulators. The kit combines direct and continuous quantification of the deacylase activity of recombinant human sirtuins 1-6 with fluorescent signal read out. It is used in sirtuin activity assays for alzheimer's disease or cancer.

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Peptide Conjugates

For effective immunization and generation of  antibodies, the use of peptides conjugated to carrier proteins is recommended. We offer a peptide conjugation service including peptide synthesis and purification, finding a suited conjugation chemistry to couple your peptide to the carrier molecule and the conjugation itself.

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PTM Peptide Reference Standards

PTM proteomics is still challenging due to low endogenous abundance and ionization intensity, as well as further obsticles. Our defined and carefully selected synthetic PTM reference peptides support PTM proteomics and help to overcome these challenges and are applicable for direct usage as reference material in mass-spectrometry based proteomics.

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