PepStar™ Antigen Collection Pan-Flavivirus Ultra (Zika)


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About PepStar™ Antigen Collection Pan-Flavivirus Ultra (Zika)

Peptide microarray with a comprehensive collection of overlapping, non-redundant 15-meric peptides from antigenic proteins of Flaviviruses (ZIKA virus, Dengue virus, West Nile virus, Yellow fever virus and Saint Louis encephalitis virus) and Chikungunya virus. This array was produced carefully selecting peptides with our ULTRA approach to represent the sequence diversity of Flaviviruses.

PepStar™ Antigen Collection Pan-Flavivirus Ultra (Zika) - Specifications

Number of peptides: 6253
Amount: 1 microarray (1" x 3")
Delivery Format: 1-sample peptide microarray
Application(s): B-cell immunity
Condition(s)/Topic(s): Dengue fever, Microcephaly, West nile fever, Yellow Fever, ZIKA fever, Chikungunya fever, St. Louis enecephalitis, Zika virus disease, Sequence diversity
Standard Delivery Time: approx. 10 days

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PepStar Antigen Collection Pan-Flavivirus Ultra (Zika)
JPT Peptide Technologies applies its unique peptide microarray platform to generate peptide microarrays on glass slides displaying a versatile ULTRA peptide library (6253 15 mer peptides) representing 8 proteins each from ZIKA virus, Dengue virus, West Nile virus, Yellow fever virus and Saint Louis encephalitis virus and 6 proteins from Chikungunya virus. The ULTRA peptide library represents the sequence diversity of different serotypes for each virus. It can be used for high resolution epitope mapping, immune monitoring and biomarker discovery in vaccine development and enables the investigation of specific immune response in similar viruses. Peptides are immobilized on glass slides via a flexible linker by chemoselective coupling. The covalently attached peptides are displayed in three copies on each slide. Incubation can be performed manually or automated using only minimal amounts of your sample. Read-out via fluorescence results in low background and high sensitivity.

Benefits of JPT's PepStar™ Microarrays
- Screen proteome-wide in a cost, time and sample saving manner
- Get hundreds of identical microarray copies
- Peptides are free of truncated sequences
- Small amounts of your precious samples are needed for incubation
- Applicable to a variety of biological samples (e.g. serum, plasma, antibody)
- Low background on glass surface
- Read-out via fluorescence


References for PepStar™ Antigen Collection Pan-Flavivirus Ultra (Zika)

Read References with PepStar & RepliTope Peptide Microarrays

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Multiple Sclerosis and Epstein Barr Virus Infection. An Epitope Mapping Study
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Testimonials for JPT's Peptide Microarrays
"We at CNAM have studied the immune response of infected or control patients (Covid-19, asymptomatic, or pre-epidemic sera) by epitope mapping against peptides derived from the structural peptides of SARs-CoV-2. For our antibody mapping studies we have used the JPT's PepStar peptide microarrays and their comprehensive microarray profiling services. PepStar peptide microarrays with their very high quality and batch-to-batch reproducibility in combination with easy read-out and JPT’s personalized customer support have provided excellent results. We are very pleased to have worked with the JPT technology and plan to work again with them in the future.."
Prof. Jean-Francois Zagury, Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers, Paris, France

"We utilize JPT's multiwell microarray assay service to study autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis. Our laboratory focuses on the mechanisms by which rheumatoid arthritis-associated HLA-DR molecules contribute to the development of anti-citrullinated protein antibodies (ACPAs) in rheumatoid arthritis. We have developed a sensitive peptide array assay, capable to detect and monitor ACPAs in mice (Front Immunol, 2022). JPT’s multiwell microarray assay service based on their PepStar peptide microarrays has been a most reliable and robust approach for our experiments. Their full profiling and data interpretation service with its excellent documentation has helped to further our research of rheumatoid arthritis.."
Dr. Isabelle Auger, INSERM UMRs 1097, Marseille, France

"We study modulation of dopaminergic neurotransmisson by TAAR1 and D2R. The functional interaction of the two receptors in the brain supports TAAR1 as a target for the treatment of psychiatric disorders such as schizophrenia or bipolar disorder. To map the epitopes of our newly generated specific anti-rat TAAR1 antibodies we used JPT's PepStarTM peptide microarrays. The peptide microarrays greatly contributed to our successful and recently published study. We were very satisified with the exceptional product and service delivered by JPT Peptide Technologies as well as their scientific Customer Support which was always at our disposal."
Stefan Obermüller, F.Hoffmann - La Roche Ltd., Roche Pharma Research and Early Development, Basel, Switzerland


Documentation for PepStar™ Antigen Collection Pan-Flavivirus Ultra (Zika)


Properties of PepStar™ Antigen Collection Pan-Flavivirus Ultra (Zika)

Properties Values
Amount: 1 microarray (1" x 3")
Application: B-cell Immunity
Category: PepStar Peptide Microarrays
Condition / Topic: Chikungunya fever, Dengue fever, Microcephaly, Sequence diversity, St. Louis enecephalitis, West nile fever, Yellow Fever, ZIKA fever, Zika virus disease
Layout: 1-sample peptide microarray
Organism: Chikungunya virus, Dengue virus, Saint Louis Encephalitis Virus (SLE), West Nile Virus (WNV), Yellow Fever Virus (YFV), ZIKA virus (ZIKV)
Protein Name: Selected proteins
Quantification: Yes
TÜV Rheinland certified
Health - made in Germany
Quality Assurance

All production is ISO 9001:2015 certified.

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