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About Histone Code Peptide Microarrays

Extensive peptide library covering all known natural variants of histone sequences and modifications displayed on one microarray (> 3800 peptides).

Histone Code Peptide Microarrays - Specifications

Amount: 1 microarray (3 subarrays per slide)
Delivery Format: 1-sample peptide microarray
Application(s): Enzymology, Protein-protein-interaction
Condition(s)/Topic(s): Acetyltransferase, Cancer, Epigenetics, Kinase, Phosphatase
Standard Delivery Time: approx. 3 weeks

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Histone Code Peptide Microarray
As histones are a major focus of epigenetics, JPT's computational scientists compiled this unique library of synthetic post-translationally modified and unmodified human histone peptides that is now available on a single peptide microarray or as individual biotinylated peptides. The peptide library consists of more than 1400 20mer peptides from Histone H1, H2A, H2B, H3 and H4. Peptides carry PTMs at reported sites (e.g. acetylation, methylation, phosphorylation, citrullination...) in various combinations representing all potential variants. This library is supplemented by 2444 peptides from an overlapping peptide scan through histone proteins carrying no or single modifications at reported sites.

Benefits of JPT's Histone Code Peptide Microarrays
- Get hundreds of identical microarray copies
- Small amounts of your precious samples are needed for incubation
- Applicable to a variety of biological samples (e.g. serum, lysate, purified proteins, antibodies)
- Low background on glass surface, read-out via fluorescence
- Unprecedented resolution for mapping of protein-histone interactions due to coverage of natural sequence variants
- Screen thousands of potential peptide substrates economically


References for Histone Code Peptide Microarrays

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Application Notes
Use of High-Density Histone Peptide Arrays for Parsing the Specificity of a Histone-Modifying Enzyme Complex
Shechter et al. Application Note (2013) (full text)
Comprehensive Characterization of Antibodies Directed towards Epigenetic Histone-Modifications
Masch et al. Application Note (2015) (full text)

“JPT's new extremely high-density histone peptide array is a dramatic leap forward for analysis of the histone code hypothesis. The complete sequence coverage across core histones and histone variants as well as the presence of common and rare histone posttranslational modifications – alone and in combination – makes this an unparalleled tool for studying the “writers” and “readers” of the histone code. My laboratory has used these arrays to ask the sequence and PTM dependence of a histone writer enzyme and we have discovered an activity specifying code that will keep us busy for years to come.”
David Shechter, PhD (Department of Biochemistry, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, YU, NY, USA)


Documentation for Histone Code Peptide Microarrays


Properties of Histone Code Peptide Microarrays

Properties Values
Amount: 1 microarray (1" x 3")
Application: Enzymology, Protein-protein-interaction
Category: Enzyme Substrate Arrays
Condition / Topic: Acetyltransferase, Cancer, Epigenetics, Kinase, Phosphatase
Layout: 1-sample peptide microarray
Organism: Human
Protein Name: Histones, Kinase
Quantification: Yes

Further Information to Histone Code Peptide Microarrays

Information Values
Specifications: 20 mer peptides selected from natural histone protein variants
TÜV Rheinland certified
Health - made in Germany
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