Drug Discovery & Optimization

JPT Peptide Technologies applies its proprietary peptide technologies, bioinformatic and medicinal chemistry know-how and decade-long track record managing R&D projects contract research and R&D collaborations in the following areas:

Peptide Discovery  Hit to Lead / Qualification  Peptide Optimization

Our experience in Drug Discovery and Optimization can be applied in peptide based drug and vaccine projects, in the discovery of peptidic additives for the cosmetic and nutritional industry, in the development of affinity ligands for the purification of biomolecules, as well as in content determination for novel immune diagnostics.



  • Discovery of peptidic agonistic or antagonistic ligands for proteins, protein complexes or antibodies
  • Optimization of peptides in terms of binding affinity, agonistic or antagonistic efficacy and physicochemical and PK properties
  • Identification and optimization of affinity ligands for the purification of therapeutic proteins or antibodies
  • Identification and optimization for the development of alternative binding assays for complicated target proteins (e.g. membrane proteins)
  • Development of peptides as active ingredients or excipients in drug formulations (e.g. to increase stability) or nutritional and cosmetic products, respectively


  • Detection of Neurogenerative Diseases
    Moussaoui et al, Patent WO 2017/153922 (2017)
  • Peptide Mimotopes of the CD3 T-Cell Co-Receptor Epsilon Chain and uses thereof
    Schnatbaum et al, Patent WO 2017/008844 (2015)
  • Peptide Mimotopes of Claudin 18.2 and uses thereof
    Schnatbaum et al, Patent WO 2015/113576 (2014)
  • Peptide Microarrays Enable Rapid Mimotope Optimization for Pharmacokinetic Analysis of the Novel Therapeutic Antibody IMAB362
    Schnatbaum et al., Biotechnol J. (2014) - PMID: 24497417


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