ULTRA Peptide Libraries: Consider Sequence Diversity in your Research!

Published on 09/08/2023

You can find genome sequence diversity in many viruses including HIV, HBV, Influenza and SARS-CoV2, as well as in many human cancer types. Therefore, it is imperative to consider sequence variability when designing peptide libraries for PepStar microarrays or PepMix pools for immune monitoring and immunotherapy or vaccine development. 

ULTRA Peptide Pools & Microarrays 

With our ULTRA algorithm, we generate peptide libraries that reflect the full spectrum of sequence variation across a range of strains or genotypes of a given virus with one comprehensive peptide library, while utilizing the least possible number of peptides. Thus saving your precious time and resources. 

How does it work? 

Our algorithm creates all possible peptide variations and scores these according to their frequency of occurrence across all sequences. We can then define the optimal overlap required to provide homogeneous overall coverage. Have a look at the details

How can you access ULTRA libraries? 

We use our ULTRA algorithm not only to offer Catalog Products but you can also request your customized ULTRA library, microarray or peptide pool. Contact our customer support team at any time!

New ULTRA products 

  • PepMix™ Borrelia (OspA protein) Ultra 
  • PepMix™ P. falciparum (CSP) Ultra 
  • PepMix™ HBV (Capsid Protein) Ultra 
  • PepMix™ HBV (LEP) Ultra 
  • PepMix™ Influenza A (M1) Ultra 
  • PepMix™ Influenza B (M1) Ultra 
  • PepMix™ Dengue 1 (E) Ultra 
  • PepMix™ HCV (E1 Protein) Ultra 
  • PepMix™ P. vivax (CSP) Ultra 
  • PepMix™ HCV (Capsid Protein) Ultra 
  • PepStar™ Antigen Collection Influenza A Ultra 

Coming soon 

  • PepMix™ St. Louis Encephalitis Virus (Capsid Protein) Ultra 
  • PepMix™ Tick-borne Encephalitis Virus (Capsid Protein) Ultra 
  • PepMix™ West Nile Virus (Capsid Protein) Ultra 
  • PepMix™ Yellow Fever Virus (Capsid Protein) Ultra 

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