Superior Positive Control Pools for Better T-Cell Assays

Published on 19/03/2021

Since its initial launch in 2017 our CEFX & EFX Ultra SuperStim Pools have been applied with great success by many of our customers in the vaccine and immunotherapy area. The fact that the new peptide pools outperform pre-existing controls such as CEF and CEFT pools stimulated our efforts to make them not only available at a higher purity as controls for clinical trial immune monitoring but also complement them with new MHC-I and MHC-II subsets.


  • Wide range of HLA sub-types
  • Broad coverage of pathogens
  • Optimized for populations with diverse ethnic background
  • High purity for clinical trial immune monitoring
  • CMV-free version (EFX Ultra SuperStim Pool)
  • MHC-I & MHC-II specific subsets

Together with our collaborators at Pfizer we will present experimental data confirming the superiority of the CEFX Ultra SuperStim concept at the upcoming AAI - Immunology 2018 Meeting. If you are interested, please visit our Booth # 207 and Poster # 120.15, or contact us to receive a copy of the poster after the conference.

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