Study SARS CoV-2 Cross Reactive T-Cells with EMPS-Peptides from Endemic HCoV’s

Published on 31/05/2021

Studies suggest that endemic human coronaviruses (HCoVs) may induce immunity to the SARS CoV-2 virus, as their viral spike proteins do show structural similarities.

In response to the rapidly evolving science behind understanding COVID-19, we have created PepMix™ Peptide Pools and Epitope Mapping Peptide Sets (EMPS) for Spike Glycoproteins of SARS CoV-2 and Common Cold HCoVs, OC43, HKU1, 229E and NL63. Whereas, our PepMix™ Peptide Pools contain all overlapping peptides of each S protein, corresponding Epitope Mapping Peptide Sets (EMPS) contain Matrix Pools and individual overlapping peptides spanning the entire antigen for:

  • evaluation of epitope resolved cross reactive T-cell responses
  • study of immunity to Covid-19 caused by common cold exposure
  • efficient identification of immune dominant regions for each HCoV S protein
  • systematic correlation of antibody and T-cell responses
  • efficient epitope mapping for vaccine development

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