SPRING 2024: Find us at a multitude of conferences!

Published on 28/02/2024

While the trees are not yet in bloom, our stride for innovation definitely is. Therefore, we will be attending many conferences in North America and Europe this year, and we are eager to meeting you and discussing your projects. 

As a leading manufacturer of peptides, JPT distinguishes itself in providing high-quality peptides formatted specifically to your needs. Decades of experience and technical expertise have led to the creation of the largest catalog of off-the-shelf products for a large variety of applications in the industry. Additionally, our custom synthesis options range from cost-effective, high-throughput peptide tools (e.g. for epitope mapping) to rigorously crafted clinical use peptides (e.g. for immune monitoring). 

We are curious to find out what – in your opinion – makes for a great conference experience! Feel free contact us directly to set-up a face-to-face meeting or simply visit our booth! 

  1. World Vaccine Congress
     April 1-4 in Washington D.C., USA
    Representatives: Aaron Castro, PhD & Aude-Marie Alem, MS 

  2. EMBO workshop: Pathogen Immunity and Signaling
     April 8-12 in Venice, Italy
    Representatives: Dr. Michael Drosch

  3. Immunulogy2024 (American Association of Immunologists)
     May 3-7 in Chicago, USA
    Representatives: Aaron Castro, PhD & Aude-Marie Alem, MS 

  4. CIMT
    May 15-17 in Mainz, Germany
    Representatives: Dr. Michael Drosch & Grégory Hansen, PhD 

  5. Annual World Congress of Infectious Diseases
    June 12-15 in Budapest, Hungary
    Representatives: Dr. Pavlo Holenya
    Topic of Presentation: "Peptide microarray-based analysis of antibody responses to SARS-CoV-2 identifies unique epitopes with potential for diagnostic test development"

  6. The 12th Antibody Industry Symposium 
    June 20-21 in Montpellier, France
    Delegate: Grégory Hansen, PhD (Picture) 

Kind Regards,
Aaron, Aude, Michael, Gregory & Pavlo 

Aaron Castro, PhD
Director, Business Development (North America)
T +1-888-578-2660

Aude-Marie Alem MS
Manager, Business Development
T +1-888 578-2660

Dr. Michael Drosch
Associate Director, Business Development (Europe)
T +49-30-6392-7830

Grégory Hansen, PhD
Specialist Business Development (Europe)
T +49-30-32298-07632

About JPT 

JPT Peptide Technologies GmbH, a leading peptide manufacturer based in Berlin, boasts over two decades of experience in peptide synthesis for research and clinical applications, including immune monitoring. With a remarkable track record of synthesizing millions of peptides and developing several patented technologies, JPT is at the forefront of innovation in the industry. One of its notable patented technologies, PepMix, has become the gold standard for T-cell assays, replacing the use of whole proteins in the process. PepMix is widely used in ELISpot assays, and JPT is renowned for its expertise in providing ELISpot services, consistently ranking among the Top5 of 35 labs in an ELISpot proficiency panel. Attendees of our workshop will have the opportunity to tap into our vast expertise and augment their knowledge in this field. 

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