The Peptide ABC – What you need to know about peptides!

Published on 24/08/2023

Over the last few weeks, we covered many topics and shared our knowledge in our social media profiles on the following: 

  • Peptide purity & average purity
  • Peptide length
  • Peptide library or pool design
  • Peptide stability and storage
  • Peptide content and weight
  • Peptide solubility 
  • Cross-contamination & toxic by-products
  • Sequence diversity & post-translational modifications
  • ISO 9001 certification & ADCF
  • Difficult peptide sequences
  • Analysis beyond peptide purity
  • De novo epitope formation
  • Endotoxins

We hope our contributions were educating but not overwhelming and created an awareness on the fact that your well-planned experiments and studies deserve reagents that are assembled with the same oversight and dedication. 

Your work deserves quality reagents! 

We have described to you our dedication to quality and deep scientific knowledge of synthetic peptide tools for your critical work. We have made this commitment to you. 

At JPT, we are here to assist you and help you to select the most appropriate specification, analytics, delivery format and other details of your needs. We will guide you through all relevant peptide requirements from early discovery to the clinical application.

Our Customer Service and Field Technical Support Teams provide support from scientists to scientist and help you find the best peptides for your specific application! 

If you want to re-read some of the posts use #peptideabc and let us know how you like them! 

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Do you have any more peptide questions? Let us know! We are very interested in your feedback and the personal communication with you!

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