NEW: Virus-spanning PepMix™ Select Epitope Pools from JPT

Published on 19/03/2021

We are happy to expand our PepMix™ Pool portfolio with a new line of PepMix™ Select Pools:

                            - Virus-specific epitope pools for CMV, EBV, BKV, HHV6 and HAdV5
                            - Multiple antigens covering the whole virus in one pool
                            - Defined HLA class I & II-restricted immunodominant T-cell epitopes

The new PepMixes™ Select are able to elicit virus-specific strong immune responses by using only immunodominant epitopes covering various antigens of the same pathogen in one peptide pool. They can be used individually, or in combination, with our market-leading antigen-spanning PepMixes™ to boost an immune response. Applications include generation of virus-specific T cells, pulsing experiments or extended immune monitoring. 

PepMix™ Pan-CMV Select
PepMix™ Pan-EBV Select
PepMix™ Pan-BKV Select
PepMix™ Pan-HHV6 Select
PepMix™ Pan-HAdV5 Select

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