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Let me introduce myself! - Aude-Marie Alem

Published on 21/09/2023

Are you interested in learning more about the people at JPT? Let us match faces to the anonymous email addresses and phone numbers! Today, we are continuing the series with our colleague Aude-Marie Alem. She is a manager in JPT's North-American Business Development Team. With her native English and French language skills and her expertise Aude will assist you with your project endeavors.

Bonjour everyone! Hi, I am Aude (for my US customers) or Aude-Marie (for my French fellows). I am happy to be part of JPT’s team as Business Development Manager in Boston MA. I am originally from France but lived in multiples countries: France, Ireland, Germany and the USA. I love to be in contact with many different cultures and accents as the British called it the “Melting Pot” community.

Since your change of position taking care of the Northern American/European market, have you noticed any differences in the wants and needs in clientele?

Yes, absolutely! The communication style is very different. In the United States, the business communication is more casual, it is easy to jump in a call and have an immediate action. In Europe, we follow a certain process of communication, it is more structured.

What region do you cover?

I am responsible for five US States: Massachusetts, New York, District of Columbia, Maryland, Pennsylvania and two Canadian States: Ontario and Montreal.

Describe your working/communication style in three words.

I like to have personalized relationship with my customers. I prone honesty and efficiency to my communication.

Personal - Honesty - Efficiency

How has the pandemic affected your work? Were there permanent changes? Did anything positive come out of it?

The pandemic was extremely busy at our company, the number of project requests increased drastically. It was fascinating to hear about all those innovative COVID19 studies and being a witness of the multiple vaccine developments. We couldn’t travel and meet our customer in person and had to limit our presence at the office to reduce virus contamination. It was an interesting dynamic, but being able to contribute (at our scale) to the development of solutions was highly gratifying and made myself very motivated.

For how long are you working for JPT now?

Can you believe it? It has been 4 years already. I didn’t see the time pass. It was very enlightening, the first 3 years I was based in beautiful Berlin, Germany and was able to connect with our German team. During those years, the pandemic hit and we had to hold tight while challenges and work was increasing. It made our team relationship stronger. Since one year I relocated to Boston, MA in the US. It is a great pleasure to meet in person with our US customers and build individualized relationship.

What makes a conference or a client visit a good experience?

You know those meetings that passed the time limit and we still have much more to share! What makes a good client visit experience is I feel that we both benefited from each other knowledge and we can build a sustainable trustful business relationship.

What do you think is your strength when communicating and supporting customers?

I think my strength is to be able to identify my customers’ needs and provide the technical support that fits this specific needs.

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