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Let me introduce myself! - Aaron Castro

Published on 22/06/2023

Are you interested in learning more about the people at JPT? Let us match faces to the anonymous email addresses and phone numbers! Today, we are continuing the series with our colleague Aaron Castro, PhD, director of JPT's North-American Business Development Team. With his native English and Spanish language skills and his longstanding expertise in peptide synthesis and immunology, Aaron will assist you with your project endeavors.  

I am Aaron Castro and have been part of JPT's North-American Business Development Team for over a decade. After completing my second post doc in the lab close to 25 years ago, I’ve made a career in the field in Technical Sales, Support, Sales team management, reagents and instrument sales, and Business Development. I can say that each of those years has been individually unique in their own way! 

What makes a conference or a client visit a good experience? 

I truly believe that being in front of a customer/client is the most effective way to learn about their needs. Emails and Zoom calls meet certain needs, but nothing is better for me than a in person meeting to really get to know our customers. This to me is the most satisfying part of my job!  

Were there any changes in your work over the years? 

I have been at JPT for over 10 years now! I joined for the challenges of bringing a product to a customer that is considered a commodity by some, into having that lab view our technology as a precise tool that is used to answer academic questions and also serve to advance a clinical therapy. 

Describe your communication style (in 3 words). 

Anyone can look at a website, read a manual, or review a product insert. I find that the best way to communicate is to listen to my customers and hear their specific needs. I try to ask more questions than are asked. A personal communication can be as simple as a quick email message and as involved as a personal visit to have the best form of interaction.

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