JPT turns 15!

Published on 08/06/2021

JPT Peptide Technologies was founded 15 years ago!

Since then, JPT has been innovating, growing and accumulating know-how in custom peptide services and peptide applications such as immunology, immunotherapy and proteomics.

We are still located in Berlin, Germany, with all administration, manufacturing, quality control, and research & development. Our reputation for high quality and innovative peptide-based products, as well as our loyal customer base world-wide, have brought us very far and we thank you all for your support and confidence in us!

Products that have been available for 15 years and are still going strong:

PepStar™ Peptide Microarrays
Enzyme Substrates

15 Random Facts & Figures about JPT Peptide Technologies

1 the whole company had to move once (from Berlin Mitte to Berlin Adlershof)
13 employees from the first day are still working with JPT
15 JPT was founded 15 years ago
20 ambitious runners are among JPT's staff
49% of JPT's staff is women
113 employees are working with JPT
152 Newsletters have been sent to our customers (including this one)
1492 publications with JPT's products have been published
1691 products are available in our online shop
2004 is our founding year and the year we achieved our first ISO 9001 certification
2011 is the year we launched our online shop
36 000 gummy bears were given to our customers
189 000 liters of water have been drunk by us during 15 years
500 000 resin based peptide synthesis have been performed so far
4 000 000 SPOT peptides were being synthesized since 2004

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