Introducing JPT PepMix™ Pan Select Peptide Pools – the smartest approach to broad antigen-specific T-cell stimulation with single peptide pools

Published on 25/01/2022

We have extended our PepMix™ Peptide Pool portfolio with a new line of virus-specific PepMix™ Pan Select Pools featuring 

- A smart collection of multiple HLA class I & II-restricted T-cell epitopes across the whole range of viral proteins
- Immunodominant and sub-dominant epitopes 

Our PepMix™ Pan Select Pools elicit stronger T-cell responses thanks to the coverage of a multitude of well-defined epitopes across multiple viral proteins in a single peptide pool. They can be used alone or in combination with our classic protein-spanning PepMixes™, to stimulate virus-specific T cells, generate virus-specific T-cell lines, or to pulse antigen-presenting cells or target cells. In addition, these smart peptide pools open a whole new dimension in virus-specific T-cell response monitoring by addressing a wide target protein range rather than select proteins.
Have a look at our list of PepMix™ Pan Select Pools:

  • PepMix™ Pan-SARS-CoV-2 Select
  • PepMix™ Pan-SARS-CoV-2 Select w/o S
  • PepMix™ Pan-CMV Select
  • PepMix™ Pan-EBV Select
  • PepMix™ Pan-BKV Select
  • PepMix™ Pan-HHV6 Select
  • PepMix™ Pan-HAdV5 Select
If you are interested in additional antigens or other options regarding the design of peptide pools please visit our website .
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