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Incoming! New PepMix Peptide Pools for M. tuberculosis!

Published on 25/04/2023

Mycobacterium tuberculosis spreads mainly via aerosols and causes a wide range of symptoms, such as long-lasting coughs, hemoptysis, chest pain, fever, potentially affecting kidneys and spine. The bacterium evades immune response by hiding inside alveolar macrophages after phagocytosis, and making use of several mechanisms to avoid its elimination from within the macrophage, e.g. inhibition of lysosome fusion. 

With antibiotic-resistant and drug-resistant tuberculosis being on the rise, close epidemiological monitoring and drug- and vaccine development are imperative in combatting the spread. 

Therefore, we added another set of new PepMix Peptide Pools to our extensive catalog, that now covers the main antigens for secretion system -, secretion-associated, and extracellular immunogenic proteins. JPT now offers 17 different PepMix Peptide Pools, 1 PepStar Peptide Microarray, and 1 PepMix Pan Select! 

  • PepMix M. tuberculosis
    Protein-spanning overlapping peptide pools for antigen-specific stimulation of T cells covering: ACR, Ag85A, Ag85B, CFP-10, ESAT-6, EspA, EsxN, HBHA, HRP1, MPT64, PPE68, RpfA, RpfD, Rv1733c, TB10.4, TB8.4, VapB47
  • PepStar Antigen Collection M. tuberculosis Ultra 
    Peptide microarray with overlapping peptides from 40 antigens of MTB reference strain H37Rv supplemented by 354 homologous antigens found in 17 other M. tuberculosis strains.
  • PepMix Pan-Tuberculosis BCG Select
    Tuberculosis-specific pool of 150 peptides stemming from selected proteins, that elicit a strong immune response in T cell assays (e.g. ELISPOT).

For further information on M. tuberculosis and respective references have a look at Tropical Diseases or read our Application Note. Please also check our custom options or discuss your projects with our experienced customer support team. 

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